What is Artificial Disc Replacement and Who is it For?

An artificial disc takes the place within the spine of a disc that’s become damaged or dysfunctional. The disc that it replaces is found between the spinal bones, known as the vertebrae. It contains tissue that’s like cartilage, out outer annulus and an inner nucleus. Normally, the spine should be flexible to move and bend. But when it stops working properly, it needs to be replaced. Here, we’ll explain what the process of artificial disc replacement is and who can benefit from it.

What is Artificial Disc Replacement?

Artificial discs are made from either metal or biopolymer materials, which are made from plastic. They have been used for a number of years. There are usually two plates involved. One disc usually sits on the vertebrae above the area of the damaged disc that’s being replaced. The other usually sits on the vertebrae below. Sometimes, there will be a compressed plastic cushion that fits nicely between the two plates. Better movement is usually experienced as a result of this process, known as artificial disc replacement surgery.

Who can Benefit from Artificial Disc Replacement?

The requirements for artificial disc replacement will depend upon the person. Every case is unique, and each patient will come with carrying levels of disc damage, pain, and need for the treatment. Also, there are different types of disc replacement surgery. Therefore, while one patient may require one type of surgery, someone else may require another. However, generally, those who experience pain coming from the discs between the bones within their spine can be helped. Especially those that haven’t seen a benefit in response to other forms of treatment, such as physiotherapy, injections, or medication, will be good candidates for the therapy.

Once the patient attends an appointment for an MRI scan, the damage that’s done can be determined and the doctor will refer them for disc replacement surgery if they require it. A CT scan is also usually performed to confirm that the disc has become dysfunctional. Testing combines with medical history then follows and a full examination to determine the severity of the pain and the area in which it occurs.

Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery in Miami, FL

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