Effects of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual harassment refers to any kind of undesired sexual behaviour which is humiliating, intimidating and offensive. Any person whether a man or a woman can be a victim of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment in work place can include someone:

*Asking you for sexual favours

*Making a comment to you which has a sexual meaning

*A person grabbing or touching you or making other kinds of physical contacts without your consent

*Making suggestive body movements or sexual gestures towards you

*Asking you questions related with your sex life

*Insulting you with any form of sexual comment

Effects of Sexual Harassment in Workplace

If you are being sexual harassed in your place of employment, you might:

1.Feel, depressed, anxious or stressed

2.Disconnect from social situations

3.Lose self- esteem and confidence

4.Be unable to concentrate and less productive

Kinds of Sexual Harassment

#1: Quid Pro Quo

Quid pro quo kind of harassment is where an individual in authority, normally a supervisor or manager, demands that lower-ranking workers tolerate sexual harassment in order to get a job benefit, including raises and promotions.

#2:Hostile Work Environment

Hostile work environment form of sexual harassment refers to any kind of conduct in place of work that is unwelcome and based on sex.

Dealing With Sexual Harassment at Work

Tip#1: Confronting the Harasser

If you are a victim of such type of undesirable act, it is ideal you confront the individual harassing you. Face the person and inform him or her that whatever he/she did was improper. You should be very specific and blunt when talking to that person. Do not fear about being rude since you have the right to be.

Tip#2: Document It Immediately

Sexual harassment is illegal and hence the issue must not be taken lightly. If you are a victim, ensure you document the place, time, date, what occurred, your action, as well as the harasser’s response. This is vital as it will enable you have an evidence to refer to in case the incident happens again later.

Tip#3: Hiring a Sexual Harassment Law Firm 

If you encounter any form of sexual harassment but you are not certain about what exactly to do, it is recommended you collaborate with an employee rights attorney group. It is an illegal thing and hence if you have been harassed or assaulted sexually, ensure you look for a sexual harassment law firm that will promise impeccable solutions when helping you tackle such form of deep-seated crime.

Bottom Line

Once the harasser has faced the full arm of the law courtesy of the sexual harassment law firm aid, get professional counselling or join a support group as it can assist you in many ways including dealing with the aftermath stress.