How to Get a Loan On a Settlement

Suffering a personal injury after an accident as the result of someone else’s negligence can be life-changing. In addition to affecting your quality of life, your mobility, and your ability to work, it has a major impact on your finances. Do you have a pending personal injury lawsuit and are in need of financial assistance now? My Lawsuit Loans can help.

If you have a pending lawsuit, personal injury loans can give you the immediate cash you need. In return, you will pay a portion of your future legal settlement in repayment of the loan. Since the loan is based on the future settlement of your lawsuit, there is no credit check to verify income and your current financial status does not impact your ability to get the loan.

After collecting basic information from you, we contact your attorney to review the validity of your pending case. Once everything is verified, you will have access to the cash that you need to cover living expenses, rent or mortgage payments, and to put food on your family’s table while you are going through the legal proceeding.

Why You May Benefit from a Lawsuit Loan 

A personal injury loan can help you stay afloat while going through the expensive and time-consuming process of seeking compensation for your injuries. While you wait months or years for your personal injury case to play out in court, your expenses continue to pile up. However, a lawsuit loan allows you to get an upfront cash advance to cover your needed expenses.

Insurance companies will negotiate with you in bad faith. They know that the longer they can draw things out, the more pressure you will be under to give in to a less than stellar compensation package because of the financial pressure you’re under. A lawsuit loan will give you the stability that allows you to consider any settlement offers with a clear head and without stress.

Not every case will qualify for a lawsuit loan. Loans are given when there is a high percentage chance that you will settle the case or that you will win the case. If you do not win the case, you may not need to repay the loan you were given.

Suffering a personal injury can change your life. Personal injury loans are designed to help you maintain a level of stability as you go through the legal process of getting the compensation that you are due with the goal of getting your life back on track.