Burying a Loved One is Never an Easy Task

Burying a loved one is never an easy task especially when they didn’t leave a will specifying how they would want to be sent off. Making such a decision may cause strife among family members, leading to a division between those who prefer traditional burial methods and those who prefer cremation. Although traditional burial is more popular among many communities, more people are slowly turning to cremation as the best option. Some of the reasons why you should also consider cremation include:

Cost efficiency

Compared to traditional burial, cremation is a lot cheaper because you’ll not have to spend money on the burial land. Buying a place to bury on isn’t cheap. It can cost up to $10,000 for one person. You can save that money by creating the body instead. Using a casket isn’t mandatory with cremation and this can help you save further.


Cremation is a much simpler affair compared to traditional burial. Some people may even want to be cremated soon after they die, something that doesn’t bring any complications. It is a process that doesn’t force family members to gather every day as they try to come up with arrangements and collect funds while to pay for both the funeral and the morgue. Planning for a cremation is much simpler and will give family members more time to grieve their loved ones. A good mortuary like Riverside mortuary will help make the planning process less hectic.


Cremation doesn’t leave a body in the ground and is therefore considered more environmentally friendly. Since bodies are usually preserved in the morgue by some chemicals, those chemicals will not get to the ground when you cremate the body. Instead, you’ll have more Eco-friendly prices that don’t threaten soil in any way as well as those around the burial land.


Choosing cremation doesn’t mean you can have a traditional funeral. You just need a funeral director and Riverside mortuary can help you find a good one. You can simply rent a casket for the wake then have the body cremated without the basket, giving you and your family a chance to include everyone’s preference and still save costs. This type of flexibility is not found with a traditional burial.


Having your loved one cremated also allows you to hold on to the remains for as long as you want. This is important because you’re not forced to say goodbye. You can let go of the ashes when you’re ready and have made peace with their demise. This helps in speeding up the healing process. A good mortuary for your loved one is essential in having everything go smoothly. Riverside mortuary can help you organize the cremation faster and more efficiently