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2009-04-27 - oiwan

我們很高興推出《草根不盡:華語地區獨立媒體年報 (2008/09)》和重新啟動 interlocals.net.

《草根不盡:華語地區獨立媒體年報 (2008/09)》

《草根不盡》這本書本前以英文和繁體中文兩種文字出版,讀者可以 免費下載.



Mainland China (Chinese)

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我們很高興推出《草根不盡:華語地區獨立媒體年報 (2008/09)》。大家可以在這裡免費下載個人使用的版本(見目錄的連結)。因為我們需要有一些收入去繼續相類似的出版和串連工作,希望大家能積極捐款,此外,亦請大家能於不同的機構,尤其是圖書館、研究機構、非政府組織等推介這本書。書中的報告,為學生和從事媒體研究的朋友,提供了中國、香港、馬來西亞和台灣四地的媒體環境(相關法例和管制)和民間的實踐。我們將把所有的收入,用於獨立媒體實踐的相關研究和串連工作,希望大家能支持,把訂購表格投到你朋友和同事的信箱裡


2008-05-22 - kwangyin

總統大選前夕 兩黨對於西藏事件高度關注

3月14日西藏拉薩事件爆發之時,台灣正值2008年總統選舉選情白熱化時期,國民黨競選人馬英九於15 日強烈譴責中國政府不當武力鎮壓,並且表示中華民國政府自始至終尊重西藏文化、宗教及其自治的權利,至於兩岸關係則主張符合主流民意,維持現狀,不統、不獨、不武。

The death of a sex worker in Taipei

2006-09-10 - sueyvonne

Wearing black, holding the picture of Kuang, a group of sex workers, COSWAS (Collective of Sex Workers and supporters) members and other labour organizations staged a protest on August 23, in front of the Presidential Office to call for de-criminalization of sex workers and to call for president Chen, former mayor of Taipei City to be responsible for it.

First Financial Daily condemns Foxconn

2006-08-28 - oiwan

In response to Foxconn's legal prosecution against a reporter and an editor in the First Financial daily because of their reports on the working condition of i-pod subcontracting factory in Shenzhen, First Financial Daily issued an open letter condemning Foxconn.

In the public statement, the First Financial Daily stated:

1. they would support Wang You and Weng Bao in the trial as Wang You was just fulfilling his duty as reporter.

Citizens of Taipei protest against unjust urban planning

2006-08-25 - cityghost

Residents from Tian-Mu(天母)(a community in Shi-Lin Dstrict, north city of Taipei) launched a community-sized protest on Aug/23/2006 at the Taipei city hall. Although the protest was small in scale, it reflected some great problems of plannings in at present Taipei city. And most importantly, one of the organizations in this league, 'Chao-Shan environmental & cutrual alliance(草山生態文史聯盟)'(Chao-Shan is the ancient name of Yangmingshan, Yangming mountain(陽明山)), which is esteblished in 2001 by some housewifes, has successfully stopped many unjust plannings around 'Shi-Lin (士林區) & Bei-Tou district(北投區)' and also 'Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園)'. The organization becomes rather influential on environmental & city preservation issues.

Stop Merge! FSC Officer Received IBT Union Petition

2006-08-14 - torrent

在北商銀總部前抗議On Father's Day, trade union members of International Bank of Taipei(IBT)were demonstrating outside the IBT head office, the usual holiday atmosphere disappeared.

IBT betrayed its earlier promise and merged the company with SinoPac Holding.It would probably result in the layoff of workers.

A Hundred of IBT Union members requested the Financial Supervisory Commission(FSC), i.e.the national finance managment authority, to receive the trade union's petition.

Transaction fee is fair?

2006-08-13 - chong

yahoo! copyYahoo! auction site is a very popular portal in Taiwan. With 3.7 million items and the annual transaction value of NT$22 billion (2005), it owns most of the local market. It recently announced that all users will be charged 3% of transaction fees on most of the items. It aroused users' severe complaints and they accused Yahoo! of violating the Fair Trade Act.