Cancer Villages in China

2009-05-08 - oiwan

Blogger, doubleaf has created a google map about cancer village in China based on the official data collected by Deng Fei. (via Micheal Anti's twitter)

During a recent trip to San Francisco, I was asked to comment on China's threat to global environment by a local student regarding the fact that China is now the top country in greenhouse gap emission.

I told the student that most of the factories in China are sub-contractors of foreign companies which serve the western consumption market while Chinese people are paying the environmental pollution cost with their health and life. This map has indicated the problem local Chinese are facing and on this issue, I agree with the Chinese government that developed countries have to shoulder the environmental debt to developing countries. (See Guardian for the latest report on CO2 emission.)

The map based on official data released by local newspapers, I am sure the problem is much worse.

View 中国癌症村地图  in a larger map


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