Social Media Uprising in the Chinese-speaking World [Kindle Edition]


Hong Kong In-Media has published the e-version of its research work on Social Media and Mobilization at Amazon under the title: Social Media Uprising in the Chinese-speaking World.

This book is an elaborated study of the use of social media in grassroots struggles in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Malaysia by local researchers and activists. We would like to work out a self-finance model for research and publication of social movement and media activism experience in Asia, in particular among Chinese speaking communities. Please support us by buying a copy.

You may also download a sample preview copy here [pdf].

Below is an introduction written by Jack Qui, a scholar on New media and politics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong:

Peaceful candlelight vigil ended with arrest

In Malaysia, lawyers and journalists have been arrested while in the course of doing their duties. This has caused concerns to citizens because of the rampant arrests. As a concerned citizen, Citizen Journalist, Chan Lilian attended a candlelight vigil on a balmy, moonlite night. However, things turned ugly when the police hauled up the emcee of the vigil and threatened to arrest everyone else. A sad end to a peaceful gathering asking for democracy, truth, justice and freedom.

Struggle in Black

2009-05-10 - chong

A black T-shirt caused the massive arrest of 116 opposition members by the Malaysian government. It almost breaks the record set by the notorious Operasi Lalang more than 20 years ago in which 119 social activists, oppositions and religious people were arrested for violating the Internal Security Act.

Launching: Info-Rhizome and

2009-04-26 - oiwan

We are pleased to announce the launching of Info-Rhizome: Report on Independent Media in Chinese-speaking world (2008/09) and the re-launching of

Info-Rhizome: Report on Independent Media in Chinese-speaking world (2008/09)

The book published in two languages English and traditional Chinese and is free to download for individual use.

Info-Rhizome: Report on Independent Media in the Chinese-speaking World


Mainland China (English)

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We are glad to announce the launching of Info-Rhizome: Report on independent media in the Chinese-speaking world (2008/09). The book is free to download for individual use (details below). However, we also need some revenues to continue our future publication and activist networking. Your donation is highly appreciated. Moreover, please help to promote this book to institution, such as library, NGOs, research centers, etc. It contains useful information for students and media researchers to have a quick overview of the media environment (regulation) and citizen initiatives in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan. All revenue generated from this book will be used to sustain and research publication on media activism. Please forward this book order form to your friends and colleagues.

Malaysia: Fight to Defend Urban Pioneers' Homes - 23 Activists Arrested, Houses Demolished

2006-11-21 - juliusschrodinger

Note- the local authorities have confiscated and deleted the photos taken

Ampang, 20 November 2006

After almost 8 hours of defending 62 houses in Kampung Berembang, finally the police and local authorities crushed the resistance resulting in 23 arrests including arrest of PSM and JERIT leaders, houses being demolished and burned down and one women in a very critical condition, fighting for her life in the hospital.

Demand for Minimum Wage Rocks the Parliament House, New Worker’s Force Emerging

2006-09-25 - juliusschrodinger

On 21 September, more than a thousand five hundred workers from seven states in Malaysia held a three-hour demonstration at Parliament house. The kind of mobilization done by the Factory and Union Coalition of JERIT (Oppressed People’s Network) on a working day would put even political parties and the Trade Union Movement to shame.

Socialists denied to form political party again

Four months of waiting after the last appeal court hearing in April, justice is not delivered on behalf of freedom of association. Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) denied its right to association again today, when the Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal from PSM.

MALAYSIA: Factory Workers Prepared to Go to the Parliament

2006-08-13 - juliusschrodinger

13/8/2006 Ipoh, MALAYSIA

During the Perak’s Workers Solidarity Night held on 12 August, Coalition of Factory Workers and Unions (GPKK) launched its call for mobilization on 27 September 2006.

On 14 December 2003, in a gathering of factory workers organized by GPKK, a campaign of 6 demands was launched. The campaign since then received tremendous response from people especially the working class in Malaysia. These 6 demands are:

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