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MALAYSIA: Factory Workers Prepared to Go to the Parliament

2006-08-13 - juliusschrodinger

13/8/2006 Ipoh, MALAYSIA

During the Perak’s Workers Solidarity Night held on 12 August, Coalition of Factory Workers and Unions (GPKK) launched its call for mobilization on 27 September 2006.

On 14 December 2003, in a gathering of factory workers organized by GPKK, a campaign of 6 demands was launched. The campaign since then received tremendous response from people especially the working class in Malaysia. These 6 demands are:

Just Garments in El Salvador

2006-08-11 - chong

"You may go to toilet whenever you want. You may drink water whenever you want."

Once you enter Just Garments, you will find it different from other factories. In Just Garments, with about 100 workers, there is no high wall and repressive labor management; instead the working environment is clean and safe. A good ventilation system is installed and chairs designed according to body mechanics are available. This factory is worker-managed. Workers have cooperation and mutual trust in production line. They see the factory as their homeland.

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