HK NGOs: Foxconn shuts the door

2010-05-26 - SACOM

Foxconn shuts the door when NGOs demand for corrective actions

25 May 2010

Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) and other labour NGOs staged a protest outside Foxconn’s Hong Kong headquarters this morning to express our concerns over the high number of suicides at its factories. Disgracefully, Foxconn did not use the opportunity to make a public account on the issue, but shut its door to the protesters. Furthermore, Foxconn called the security guards and police to “receive” us.

Appeal by Sociologists on FoxConn suicides (18 May 2010)

2010-05-26 - SACOM

Appeal by Sociologists:
Address to the Problems of New Generations of Chinese Migrant Workers,
End to Foxconn Tragedy Now
18th May 2010

Since January of this year at the Foxconn Group, nine workers have already attempted suicide by jumping from buildings, resulting in the tragic death of seven, with two injured. Why would these young people, roughly all in their twenties, choose to leave this world in life’s most beautiful time? This loss of life is so distressing, and makes us think deeply about the new problems of the second generation of migrant workers and the status of China as the “world’s factory.”

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