Hong Kong: Digital Revolution


Program named "Digital Revolution" produced by RTHK, introduced www.inmediahk.net and Inmedia's citizen reporters Ip, Chu and Shek.The Subtitle is translated into English by Florence Lai.

Original show from RTHK

More on www.inmediahk.net

Hong Kong In-Media: Submission to Council on public broadcasting

2010-05-18 - damon


Hong Kong In-Media: Submission to Legislative Council Subcommittee Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting


Hong Kong In-Media strongly believes that Public Broadcasting should be independent to ensure the freedom of speech and expression in Hong Kong. The recommendations put forward by Government in the "Future operation of the Radio Television of Hong Kong (RTHK) and new RTHK Charter" has ignored the fundamental suggestion put forward by the "Committee on Review of Public Service Broadcasting" that a "truly independent public broadcaster should be developed" in Hong Kong. We therefore express our our disappointment and regret towards such misleading consultation.

Lip service to public service broadcasting

2006-10-08 - chong

Public service broadcasting or Public Broadcasting Service is common all over the world. In Hong Kong, the only publicly owned media "Radio and Television Hong Kong (RTHK)" is tightly controlled by Hong Kong government. The management of RTHK is composed of government's administrative officer and civil servants.

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