October 2010

China: New Vision of Video media – the Power and Powerlessness of a Press Card

2010-10-08 - florence

(Editor note: This article is originally published in a Taiwanese Newspaper, Wangbao, in Chinese. The author, Hu Yong, is an Associate Professor from the School of Journalism and Communication, Peking University, one of China’s first research scholars in the field of network and new media.)

Mainland reporter from "the Economic Observer", Chou Ziming, was under order of arrest by the public security system due to his reporting on the inside story of some listed companies. Subsequently, reporter, Ah Liang from Qianlong web was under police investigation after publishing criticism on a private corporate. Leaving aside their act of conduct during the process of investigating the companies, the first trouble they had to encounter before the process was that their identity as reporters was being questioned.

China: Rise of the Peace Prize before a Peaceful Rise of China

2010-10-14 - pat tse

(Editor note: This article is originally written in Chinese by An Tao at inmediahk.net on October 10, 2010, commenting on the 2010 Nobel Peace Award to Chinese dissident writer Liu Xiaobo. The writer explores the usage of the term "peace" in contemporary China and the implication and practice of Liu Xiaobo's peaceful act in such context.)

Over the years, I have been puzzled by the swift change of discourse from the “powerful rise” of China to its “peaceful rise”. Peace is neither derived from Marxist-Leninst principles, nor observed by the Chinese Communist regime as a virtue. How the slogan of “peaceful rise” can be realized remains in doubt.

The meaning of “peaceful rise” per se is confusing enough. Does it mean that a rising power is still peace-loving and unthreatening to other countries, or peace is a feasible or even necessary strategy during the rise of a nation?

On Liu Xiaobo and the Nobel Peace Prize

2010-10-18 - damon

This is an open letter for petition, further information: http://wexiaobo.org/.

The awarding of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese citizen, has drawn strong reactions both inside and outside China. This is a major event in modern Chinese history. It offers the prospect of a significant new advance for Chinese society in its peaceful transition toward democracy and constitutional government. In a spirit of responsibility toward China’s history and the promise in its future, we the undersigned wish to make these points:

1.The decision of the Nobel Committee to award this year’s prize to Liu Xiaobo is in full conformity with the principles of the prize and the criteria for its bestowal. In today’s world, peace is closely connected with human rights. Deprivation and devastation of life happens not only on battlefields in wars between nations; it also happens within single nations when tyrannical governments employ violence and abuse law. The praise that we have seen from around the world for the decision to award this year’s prize to a representative of China’s human rights movement shows what a wise and timely decision it was.

China: 50 Cent Party Roams on Internet

2010-10-20 - LEE Chi-Leung

(Editor note: This article is a part of an investigative report originally published in Changcheng Monthly (長城月報)in Chinese. The report, written by ChangLei (張蕾)traces the history of government and party hired online commentators, the so-called 50 Cent Party.)

Since October 2004, Communication Office of Changsha Municipal Party Committee has been insistent in delivering a daily opinion digest, Changsha Yuqing Kuaibao (《長沙輿情快報》) to major officials of Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. For this, the office have recruited members from units such as the Municipal Party Committee Office and Training School of Changsha Municipal Committee of CPC to form a team of net commentators. These astroturfing commentators are hired with a basic monthly salary of RMB 600, with commissions depending on number of posts they posted. Each of their posts would be logged on a “net commentators management system” and counts for 50 cents.