January 2008

Who is the winner? The recent development of newspapers in Hong Kong

2008-01-02 - chong


(Originally in Chinese published at inmediahk.net - Author/Gilles Deleuze (alias)

I want to talk about the recent development of several newspapers in Hong Kong.

In terms of capital and ownership structures, the biggest change is about Ming Pao. Ming Pao Ltd is going to merge with two listed companies in Malaysia, Sinchew and Nanyang. But the plan is not yet implemented. According to this plan, Sinchew and Nanyang, no longer listed in Malaysia, will be owned by Ming Pao. Ming Pao might be listed in the stock markets of Hong Kong and Malaysia.

China and Hong Kong: Bloggers who eat river crabs

2008-01-21 - oiwan

During the weekend, Hong Kong In-Media organized an off-line salon on “Noise amidst of the Politics of Harmony – bloggers who eat river crabs”. [和諧政治中的雜音--吃河蟹的博客們] (The Chinese pronunciation of river crab is similar to Harmony.) We have invited Beifeng from Guangzhou and Roland Soong for sharing their experiences in the Chinese blogosphere. Beifeng applied mobile SMS to report on the Xiamen Anti PX demonstration. Roland is a most awesome translator of Chinese internet discussion and a major news source for foreign reporters.

Time Race

Beifeng has a most systematic account of the censorship of traditional media and internet media. As the traditional media has a strong control in the editorial room, some of the news, such as mass incidents or social unrest would be banned from publishing, whereas in the internet BBS and blog, censorship only happens when the news or information sources have been published and taken effect in the public. Usually a nationwide censorship would only take place 2 to 3 days after the publication of the first post; netizens can use the time gap to disseminate information as wide as possible. The tactic is to write the story without spelling out the political implications and to wait for the politics to reveal itself in the dissemination process.

Taiwan's politics further away from ideals of social justice

2008-01-25 - torrent

Decadence of an ideal

Since the nationwide lift of Martial Laws in 1987, the voices for reform that came from "outside the party" had surged in coalition for the establishment of the "Democratic Progressive Party." For quite some time, the DPP was not only a party demanding political democracy, it had also allied itself with numerous social movements, from whose support the party gradually thrived.

Video of Monju fast-breeder reactor 1995 sodium leak

2008-01-28 - shioyama

On Dec. 8th, 1995, a sodium leak and fire at the Monju fast-breeder reactor in Fukui prefecture, Japan, threatened to spark an explosion which could have sent deadly plutonium into the local environment. The original incident and a subsequent attempted cover up by the operator in charge of Monju, the Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation (PNC), left a lasting trace on the nuclear power industry in Japan.