What Happens at Dog Daycare?

Anyone who is considering leaving their dog at a daycare service will want to understand exactly what happens. Dogs are much more than just pets, they become important members of the family that you will fall in love with. This guide will show you exactly what you can expect from a good quality dog daycare service.

What is Dog Daycare?

Dogs need constant attention, and while it’s fine to leave them at home for a few hours. It’s not fair to leave them for a long time. Dogs left home alone can get depressed and could also get destructive. Dog daycare services are designed to take care of dogs while you’re not there. They not only look after your dog but also make sure they are happy. A good daycare service for a dog will never lock the dog in a crate and leave it.

Dropping your Dog Off

When you drop your dog off for the first time, the handlers should take time to introduce the dog to every other dog in there for the day. This can be time-consuming, but it’s an important step since it will stop your dog from feeling anxious. They should also make lots of new friends which will make them look forward to returning visits.


The dogs at daycare will be able to play with each other, and also with the handlers. Most of the handlers will be dog lovers themselves and so will have a lot of experience playing with dogs and making sure they are happy. Play and socialization are very important for dogs. They need a lot of attention to stay happy.


Most dog daycare services will offer dog walking while your dog is staying there. This will be great fun for your dog since they get to go outside in a new area and enjoy some fresh air. Depending on the breed and age of the dog, different lengths of walk will be required. Dog daycare handlers will know exactly how much walking different types of dogs will need.

Collecting Your Dog

When you’ve finished work or your day trip, it’s then simply time to go and pick your dog up. This is perhaps the most rewarding part of the day. No matter how much fun your dog has had during the day, you can bet that they will be very happy to see you. With owners and dogs reunited, it’s then time to go home for some even more fun.

Dog daycare is a very useful service so your dog can be well looked after while you stay at work. A great dog daycare service in Los Angeles is Puparazzila.com. Be sure to look them up online, they have a great reputation and can care for all types of dogs.