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2007-01-07 - oiwan


揚起旗幟 天星不能拆
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2006-11-28 - ahchoii

原文:Jamie Doucette 翻譯:ahchoii


[圖及解釋取自 Hankyoreh.〔圖:總統盧武鉉在回國的機上細看有關建造盧武鉉紀念碑的計劃。地面則四處烟火,包括「地產」、「失業」和「教育」。在毀壞的房屋附近可以見到大型的街頭抗議。其中一個是反對跟美國簽定自由貿易協定,另一個是兼職工人和合約工人要求改善法律保障的示威。〕]

The death of a sex worker in Taipei

2006-09-10 - sueyvonne

Wearing black, holding the picture of Kuang, a group of sex workers, COSWAS (Collective of Sex Workers and supporters) members and other labour organizations staged a protest on August 23, in front of the Presidential Office to call for de-criminalization of sex workers and to call for president Chen, former mayor of Taipei City to be responsible for it.

Socialists denied to form political party again

2006-08-16 - juliusschrodinger

Four months of waiting after the last appeal court hearing in April, justice is not delivered on behalf of freedom of association. Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) denied its right to association again today, when the Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal from PSM.