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Citizens of Taipei protest against unjust urban planning

2006-08-25 - cityghost

Residents from Tian-Mu(天母)(a community in Shi-Lin Dstrict, north city of Taipei) launched a community-sized protest on Aug/23/2006 at the Taipei city hall. Although the protest was small in scale, it reflected some great problems of plannings in at present Taipei city. And most importantly, one of the organizations in this league, 'Chao-Shan environmental & cutrual alliance(草山生態文史聯盟)'(Chao-Shan is the ancient name of Yangmingshan, Yangming mountain(陽明山)), which is esteblished in 2001 by some housewifes, has successfully stopped many unjust plannings around 'Shi-Lin (士林區) & Bei-Tou district(北投區)' and also 'Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園)'. The organization becomes rather influential on environmental & city preservation issues.