六月 2010

Hong Kong: CUHK's prohibition of displaying Statue of the Goddess of Democracy in campus

2010-06-03 - damon

Goddess of Democracy

The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality
----- Petition against the Chinese University of Hong Kong's prohibition of displaying Statue of the Goddess of Democracy in campus

The CUHK issued a public letter to announce that the student union’s application to display a statue of the Goddess of Democracy and related items in the CUHK campus was rejected, by the reason of “political neutrality”. We are enraged!

Complicity from Apple; Another Foxconn Worker Dies

2010-06-05 - SACOM

[SACOM Statement] 4 June 2010, Hong Kong

Apple’s Image is Based on Exploitation

Yan Li, 27, is the latest victim of Foxconn, the manufacturer of iPads and other high-tech items that has experienced a recent rash of worker suicides. He collapsed and died from exhaustion on 27 May after having worked continuously for 34 hours. His wife said Yan had been on the night shift for a month and in that time had worked overtime every night. Yan, an engineer, had worked for Foxconn since April 2007. The tragedy marks the 11th death at the corporation since January this year. To pay respect to these young lives, Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) designates 8 June 2010 as the Global Day of Remembrance for Foxconn’s Victims.

Open Letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs [SACOM, June 8th, 2010]

2010-06-08 - SACOM

On this day, June 8th, we wish the whole world to remember the Foxconn suicides, and we extend our deepest condolences to the victims’ families and friends. We feel very saddened that public comments from Taiwanese billionaire Terry Gou, CEO of the 800,000-strong Foxconn “electronics kingdom”, show a tendency to dismiss the suicides of his young employees without considering the contribution of the high-pressure work environment to this phenomenon.

Ai Weiwei on Activism


The following interview with Ai Wei Wei was conducted in April 12, 2010 by inmediahk.net and AJ.hk. In the interview Ai talked about his activism regarding the Sichuan Earthquake, his comments on Hong Kong democratic movement and Internet culture. The Subtitle is translated into English by Florence Lai.

Part One

Macau: TDM Reform, publication law and broadcasting law

2010-06-09 - michelle

(Editor Note: The excerpt below is from an article published in inmediahk.net (in Chinese) about the struggle for free speech space in Macau. On the one hand, professional media worker are calling for reform of the mainstream media, such as the Teledifusao de Macau S.A (TDM) - a Public broadcast service funded 100% by the Macau government but with no public accountability. In fact, the mainstream media, TV as well as newspapers, in Macau have suffered from serious self-censorship because of government funding and "harmonious political environment. The call for reform is an attempt to increase public accountability in conventional media. However, the writer of this article is not confident about the reform, as the Macau government continues to impose stricter control over the old and new media. The most recent move is the government's plan to amend the "Publishing Law" and the "Audio-Visual Broadcasting Act". Many believe that the government's move is to impose censorship on the Internet, the most influential public sphere in Macau.)

China: BBS - The Core of China's Internet Culture

2010-06-11 - florence

Translator's note: The following article is written by Beida Professor Hu Yong in Southern Metropolis Daily 2010-06-01.

Abstract: China's emerging media market analyst Sage Brennan said, "With the popularity of blog and online game, it is easy to overlook the fact that the BBS network is the real active centre of China’s internet culture. For various reasons, BBS network continues to grow with increasing dynamic. Many network companies, University campus, and even a large number individuals, have already established their BBS community. "

Hong Kong: A Declaration by Post-80’s Youth against Unrightful Authority

2010-06-11 - oiwan

Blindfolded for 22 years, it is time to lift the shroud of pseudo-democracy.

22 years ago, in December 1988, the public consultation of the draft for Basic Law came to an end. It was a historical moment of political awakening for Hong Kong citizens. Indifferent to the 60,000+ proposals submitted by Hong Kong people (see note), Beijing was adamant on adopting the conservative package going against popular opinion at that time. This decision triggered two historic social actions: burning of the Basic Law draft and initiation of a hunger strike in protest. This was a critical moment for Hong Kong citizens to safeguard the ideals of “Self-Governance, High degree of Autonomy”, to tear away the façade of delusions and deceptions. The criticism received by the conservative package then: “An undemocratic beginning; taking leaden steps along the way; but with no end in sight” is unfortunately still applicable to the current political reform package. This statement has foreshadowed our painful struggle for democracy over the past 22 years.

USAS - stand with Chinese workers making Apple iPhones

2010-06-14 - SACOM

USAS – United Students Against Sweatshops

Stand with Chinese workers making Apple iPhones

(created on 14 June 2010; ACTIVE – in English)


Hong Kong: Digital Revolution


Program named "Digital Revolution" produced by RTHK, introduced www.inmediahk.net and Inmedia's citizen reporters Ip, Chu and Shek.The Subtitle is translated into English by Florence Lai.

Original show from RTHK

More on www.inmediahk.net

Is EICC protecting Apple and Foxconn on recent worker suicides?

2010-06-24 - SACOM

On May 28th, under mounting pressure from labor rights group and concerned scholars around the world, the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Board of Directors expressed that they were saddened about the loss of life at Foxconn. The 8-member EICC Board, consisting of representatives from IBM, Dell, Jabil, STMicroelectronics, Cisco, Intel, Flextronics, and HP, has established a task force to study factors affecting employee health and welfare in their own facilities as well as in their suppliers in the global supply chains.