五月 2007

Hong Kong: May Day March

2007-05-01 - plato

May day parade, organized by the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions and joined by more than 30 unions and organizations, called for legislating a minimum wage, regulating working hours, implementing collective bargaining, opposing subcontracting system and improving occupational safety and health. HKCTU said that more than 2000 people joined the march. I joined the march as well and want to know what is the main message in the march, which I think, highlights the goals of the current labor movements. In the rally, the HKCTU first cheered up all of workers to show solidarity and got prepared for fighting altogether. Various unions and organizations gathered in the Victoria park and waved their banners to express their identities and claims.

Macau: May Day Protest Against Corruption

2007-05-02 - oiwan

(Writer note: This article is also posted at Global Voices Online)

Last year Macau has a recorded 17% GDP growth, the gambling and tourist industry is blooming. However, the May Day demonstration in the past few years has been getting more and more violent. This year, it has resulted in 5 open gunshots by the police in the city center among the crowd. There is one suspected injured. However, the Macau mainstream media has downplayed the issue and kept defending the police's action.

The demonstration was organized by 6 citizen groups including independent unions and rights of abode organization. Its themes were "anti-corruption, improve livelihood, reduce imported labour, stop illegal worker, housing right, family reunion right and harmonious society".

The Kaesong Industrial Complex and its discontents

2007-05-04 - jamied

A while ago I was able to visit the Kaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea. I haven't had much time since then to sit down and write up my reflections, but I have to give a short presentation on it in a few days so I thought I would put up a draft of my presentation as well as some pictures. Any comments, of course, would be highly appreciated as well.

Some Excerpts from commentaries on Taiwan's rejection of Olympic torch

2007-05-07 - chong

Wei’s Blog
Taiwan rejects Olympic torch? What are you thinking of, you idiotic government?!
Source (Chinese)

Yesterday, Beijing announced the route of passing the torch. I never thought that our idiotic government (Taiwan government) rejects the torch. It repeatedly protested against political intervention into sports. But it keeps intervening into sports with politics.

… …

Doesn’t you idiotic government like referendum very much? If you have guts, why not organize a referendum on whether we should accept the torch? It only cares about its own political interest and completely neglect the chance for Taiwan to expose herself to the world by delivering the torch. It also does not care about the positive effect on tourism. … …

Emotional footnote to porn hyperlink and student press scandal stories

2007-05-12 - oiwan

First I should thank Roland for translating the few war declaration paragraphs that I wrote at inmediahk.net yesterday:

The recent storm aroused by the Chinese University of Hong Kong student newspaper's erotic section is just the tip of the iceberg. Political censorsihp has been manipulating public opinion in seemingly apolitical sectors. Previously, we saw during the consultation over digital media copyrights how the state machinery used "protection of copyrights" to attempt to introduce a system to filter and delete contents, or else intimidate personal or small websites through fines.

Another gap through which political censorship can be introduced is pornography. This gap gathers the power of the state as well as the forces of religious people and fake moral politicians. So far, they have focused on gender and gay rights groups, but we must extend our battlelines in light of the court decision two days ago: the police filed charges against a netizen for posting hyperlinks to pornographic websites at a certain forum and the court arrived at a guilty verdict with a fine of HK$5,000. This is a very significant precedent for censorship.

People Liberation Army Berth at the Heart of Hong Kong?

2007-05-14 - oiwan

"Would you put an AK45 gun at the dinning table of your living room? This is ridiculous!" said Chan King Fai, a 22 years old activist.

"It is not that we are opposed to the PLA berth, but the symbolism of having PLA berth at Central waterfront is very bad. Central as a political and financial center, together with this military symbolism, it looks like a continuity of colonial rule," said Professor Ms Mirania Szeto from University of Hong Kong, Department of Comparative Literature.

Struggle against eviction in Guangzhou

2007-05-20 - chong

Some said there is a "nail house" in Guangzhou again. But Pan Weiye, the protagonist of this incident, refuses to be classified as "nail". He argues that what he wants is an apartment of the same area in this district.

Pan Weiye's home is a house in Xiguan, an area famous by the wealth class in the past. It was located in the western side of the inner city of Guangzhou, a district for foreign trade in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Pan's house is a historical building and his family has been living here for three generations. There were five families before eviction but now only a family of seven members stays.

西關沒有大少了,卻有… …

2007-05-20 - chong



Interlocals Citizen Reporter Fellowship 2007

2007-05-26 - chong

Interlocals Citizen Reporter Fellowship 2007 Public Announcement

I. Fellowship Concept

To promote cross-border citizen reporting and dialogue among people from different localities, interlocals.net announces a fellowship project for bloggers and citizen reporters to travel to another country to conduct cross-border exchange, research and reporting.

www.interlocals.net is a collaboration among independent / alternative / citizen media that includes www.inmediahk.net (from Hong Kong), www.coolloud.org (from Taiwan), and www.zonaeuropa.com, etc (for details). As a website, interlocals.net targets non-English speaking people with the aim to encourage communication and dialogue on social, cultural, and political issues in each locality but also in a cross-border context.

Interlocals 民間記者資助計畫 2007

2007-05-26 - oiwan

一. 民間記者資助概念

為了促進跨地域民間報道和來自不同地區的朋友對話,interlocals.net宣布一項資助項目, 讓bloggers和公民記者可以有機會前往另一個國家進行跨境交流研究和報導.

www.interlocals.net是一些獨立/另類/公民媒體,包括www.inmediahk.net(香港),www.coolloud.org(台灣),www.zonaeuropa.com等(詳細資料)協作的計畫. 作為一個網站,interlocals.net的對象為非英語地區的人士, 其目的在於鼓勵不同地區的朋友能就地方的社會,文化和政治方面的問題, 在一個跨國的語景下進行溝通和對話.