Hong Kong: Digital Revolution


Program named "Digital Revolution" produced by RTHK, introduced www.inmediahk.net and Inmedia's citizen reporters Ip, Chu and Shek.The Subtitle is translated into English by Florence Lai.

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The American magazine Wired gives a definition for New Media, "Broadcasting from all people to all people". Some people regard this new broadcasting model as revolution because it lets the internet to emerge many independent alternative media to breakthrough the information monopolization of mainstream media. In recent year, Hong Kong has appeared many independent new media, inmediahk.net is one of them.

(Ip said) In fact, we published independent publication in 90s. The main reason was some voices were hardly reported by the mainstream media. Until 2000, new electronic media technology has spring up, we think we can manipulate these new technology. Perhaps it can reach new audience or even produce greater influence, therefore we has established Hong Kong inmediahk.net. In the past, when we published magazines or periodicals, usually we set the features and topics then published them after discussion. Later, we find the characteristics of internet are more than that and even needn't do in this way. Because basically there is no limitation of the publish time, in order to publish online anytime it needs a Content Management System. When the content is uploaded in the internet, it has to follow a certain format, authors can upload their works easily because upload the articles is as easy as filling form. As there are certain formats, it facilitates the readers to read and search for different information, using the Content Management System, writer is no longer restricted by the publish time. All he has to do is to categorize his articles, he can upload it anytime by himself and add some related tags. Netizen can use the same system to search the information conveniently.

Ip Yam Chong states that the idea of Content Management System is obtained from some oversea independent media websites. In late 90s, oversea independent websites has raised out a very important concept that is "Citizen Reporter".

(Chu said) A citizen can explore issues surrounding him to step in some policy discussion, even influence the government decision. Being a reporter is the action to carry out or intervene module, the so-called intervention of citizen reporter means they, as citizens, report issues that they care of, in order to arouse the public concern, hope that can affect the policy discussion. The Seattle incident in 1999 was one of the example.

(Chu said) In 1999 WTO was held in Seattle, it was the first time that a large number of citizen reporters to step in. Meanwhile, the popularize of internet allows individual participation, the knowledge of expression and technique are greatly leveled down. At the same time, the concept of citizen reporters has spread out. I remember my first time to do the citizen report in greater effort was the once at the beginning in 2006. At that time my university Chinese University Hong Kong was cutting a few trees in the campus, the only thing I could do is I had the feeling there was something wrong in the action, so we tried to understand the issue and published a magazine, pointed out the related problem and prevented these trees being cut.

Chu has been a citizen reporter for few years, he especially concerns urban development, "There are many levels in this issue, it can be as large as China-Hong Kong integration, the mass infrastructure such as Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link, begin with the government announcement, then turn into a positive news, such a non-discussed, non- challenge situation is really astonishing. Therefore we carried the on-site research and report, thus this express railway incident, no matter me or people around can explore many news. Chu Hoi Dik and a group of citizen reporters have carried out a series of reports about the express railway, hence exposed its questions led to the social movement which demonstrated the power of citizen reporters. Some people said when citizen reporter released its reports at the new media, their works seem to confront the mainstream reporters. However, Chu disagree with it, "I don't use the term "confront" because the citizen reporter widens the spectrum of journalists or news workers. There are many different kinds of news workers, citizen reporter only focus on the position of spectrum."

Shek who works in trade union is also a citizen reporter, his background leads him to contact with more grass root citizens. (Shek said) "When I participating the trade union function, I can get in touch with varies groups of friends and to get known with some neighbors. During our conversation, I can know deeply about their background." One day, Shek joined his trade union to protest for the minimum wage issue, which led him to write a related article. (Shek said) "With more interaction, I found that their stories or experience
were seldom reported comprehensively in the mainstream media. Being a (citizen) reporter, I really hope to express the complete ideas and story of the interviewees to the readers.

The un-natural death in the Chinese detention center

There are too many citizens die "unnaturally" in the detention center run by the Ministry of Public Security.What is the function of detention center? Why so many unjust death happen in there?

The Great Firewall of China

Have you ever used Internet in mainland China? Are there any websites you are unable to access? Just click to watch the brief history of China's Great Firewall !!!

Peaceful candlelight vigil ended with arrest


In Malaysia, lawyers and journalists have been arrested while in the course of doing their duties. This has caused concerns to citizens because of the rampant arrests. As a concerned citizen, Citizen Journalist, Chan Lilian attended a candlelight vigil on a balmy, moonlite night. However, things turned ugly when the police hauled up the emcee of the vigil and threatened to arrest everyone else. A sad end to a peaceful gathering asking for democracy, truth, justice and freedom.


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