Bear Bile Industry – Chinese National Theft!

2012-03-21 - damon

Translated by Catherine

Here’s what our say for the bears:

1. Eliminating bear bile industry means eradication of Chinese national industry.
IT’S A LIE! Bear bile industry has only 30 years of history in China. It has no match compared with that of tea and silk. Conversely, bears are trapped lifetime in small rusty cages. They are ducted without anesthesia. China is notorious for the ways it treats animals; only by eradication of such brutal industry will the respect of the nation be retained. Bear bile industry is no more than theft. It’s a crime!

2. Humans are different from animals. How are humans supposed to experience animal pain?
IT’S A LIE! Animals DO have sentience. A puppy having its left leg injured would be lame because it knows what pain is. As shown in the video clips, moon bears mourn when they are being ducted. Would mourning be a sweet call if one holds the idea that animals won’t suffer!

3. Darwin stated that fittest species survive. Species fighting one another is a fact.
IT’S A LIE! Darwin’s theory states “fittest species”. What about we human beings? We claim we are above all of them, as only we are assigned to own the Planet. What’s coming up are: global warming, bird flu, BSE and lists of reactions determental to mankind!

4. Alright. After emanciapting the bears, would you refrain from eating beef, pork and mutton? A moral question inevitably raised.

YES! Slaughterhouses exhibiting brutality doomed to be eliminated in the future. The fact is, food is not equally distributed, not because it is scarce. City dwellers feed on both meat and vegetables in extravagant ways, flaunting their social status prosperity. It has nothing to do with nutrient intake. Just because you like eating meat does not mean that you can obtain it in a savage way. You could choose a healthy and “just” one free from diseases.

5. At present there are no substites for bear bile. It has to be sustained.
IT’S WRONG AGAIN! 25 years ago, Professor Geung started to do research for bear bile substitutes, 5 years after bear bile industry had come into being. Such materials are formally recognized by herbal institutes of the profession, with descriptions that those substitute materials have medical properties and effectiveness equivalent to real bear bile. Professor Geung has put in for recognition of relevant documents yet he received no answers. THe fact that bear bile industry being so lucrative might be a factor of process delay. Money matters most. However, even if bear bile substitutes are not yet recognized by the government, why still consume bear bile because one just want to “disperse internal heat”? Such treatments are already available at almost Chinese dispensaries, or even at the market.

Furthermore, morals grow alongside with one’s nation. Ongoing practice and customs are subject to change. Humans learn from faults. Knowing what faults we have enlightens one’s culture.

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