Urgent Call: Lo-Sheng sanatorium is facing state violation.

2007-03-09 - cityghost

Few days ago, to fulfill the MRT (metro rapid transit大眾捷運) construction, the ‘Department of rapid transit system’ of Taipei Government declared that all residents of Lo-Sheng sanatorium (樂生 樂生院Happy Life Leprosy Sanitarium, also known as Losheng Leprosarium) should move out of their home before March/13/2007.

The supporters identified this as a policy that humiliates the Hansen’s disease sufferers’ human rights, and ignore the history of the oppression. The state is still using its power to segregate people from the society, just like the colonial regime did 75years ago.

06:00 am, over 50 people, including residents, students, activists surrounded the residence of Su-Zhen-Chang(蘇貞昌, the premier of Executive Yuan of republic of china, Taiwan 行政院長)for 3 hours.

Crowds blocked the residence and called for a face to face dialogue with the premier. The supporters proclaimed, since the Council for Cultural Affairs (文建會)(which is subordinated to the Executive Yuan) already estimated a project which can preserve 90% of the sanatorium, the Executive Yuan should not make a sloppily decision to reject the project. And also the supporters complained that the Department of Health (衛生署)(also subordinated to the Executive Yuan) has unfold a bad example of long term and chronic health care.

Since the supporters of the movement refused to leave, refuse to send two people inside the residence to meet him, and they also refused to talk to a low class officer, ultimately the commander of the police unrolled their attack.

In the attack of the police, young students are dragged down, people are pushed on the ground, and the after policeman pushed the elder patients on the ground, policeman even pull and tear down the artificial limb of the patients.

After the mess, a graduate student was arrested, five elder patients were hurt and still in observation. For premier Su, he left in high speed vehicle protected by police force.

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Taiwan: bloggers act on

By hoidick

Taiwan: bloggers act on saving Lo-Sheng Sanatorium
Submitted by oiwan on Tue, 2007-03-13 10:45.
Another article in GVO on Lo-sheng sanatorium struggle.

Submitted by chensing0517 on Mon, 2007-03-12 15:08.
There's another protest against Su-Zhen-Chang yesterday, and the premier of Executive Yuan, Mr. Su still did not react to student claim either. Right now the supporters keep staying at Lo-Sheng sanatorium, in case that the government uses violation and carries out the coercive evacuation suddenly.
The patients of Lo-Sheng sanatorium insist staying there, whether the government tears down the old sanatorium.