A Hotel in Peking University for "Teaching and Research"?

2007-04-27 - chong

The Peking University is building a five-star hotel. But the teachers and students accuse this project of occupying the university’s land for research and teaching and violating the land-use designation in the campus planning.

This hotel, named after “Weiming Lake”, the famous spot in the Peking University and located at the northern side of Baiyi Road and by the wall of campus, is still under construction. This is a project of the Peking University Science Park Limited (PUSP). It is scheduled to open in October.

The spokesperson of PUSP defended that hotel is also “a facility of education and research”. This hotel will be the first “five-star campus and business hotel” in China. There are blocks of office, hotel rooms and apartment.

In the BBS of the Peking University, there have been a lot of comments on it since April 10. Most users oppose the construction of this hotel. Some argue that this project would make the problem of shortage in land for research and teaching development in the Peking University even worse. Some criticize the name of “Wuming Hotel” as tarnishing the reputation and spirit of the university.

But some support this project. A student from the Faculty of Life Science agrees with the idea of buidling a hotel in university. There is no landmark-like hotel in the Peking University. There is a shortage in space for guest scholars. But he also said that the location is questionable because that piece of land is so valuable.

This piece of land, area of 200 acres, was a part of Chengfu village in Haidian district. In 2003, t was transferred to the use of teaching and education for the Peking University. At that time, it was labelled as “land for teaching and research”.

A member of the Beijing Planning Committee said that building hotel in the land for teaching and education is definitely not allowed. But more substantial conclusion will be reached after site visit. Zhang Wei, spokesperson of the Beijing Bureau of National Land and Resource, said that it is a common sense that building hotel on the land for education and research is not illegal without changes in planning.