About Us

Interlocals.net is first launched in September 2006 aiming at providing a platform for media activists and citizen media organizations from different area to exchange news and informations.

Since 2000, the development of Internet citizen media has generated a public sphere for concerned individuals to engage with the society and negotiate with the government through Internet public opinion, however, at the same time, most of the citizen media have a nature tendency to focus on internal social and political issues while neglecting what are happenings out there in other countries, even though the world is getting more and more connected in issues related with development, environment, governance, and peace, etc.

How to reconnect the different locals to each other so that we can learn from each other, reflect upon our own practice and collaborate with one and other? These are the questions we had in mind when we launched the website and started translating local news.

In 2008, we decided to re-orientate the platform for a community of media activists and researchers to exchange and set up agenda for collaborative research and activism, such as the research and publication project of Info-Rhizome: Report on Independent media in Chinese-speaking world. In the future, we want to explore cross-border issues related with the development of citizen media, including democracy, the changing nature of citizenship, free speech and internet governance, new media and social movement, racism and popular nationalism, civil society and public sphere, global and local dynamics, etc. We would work closely with the academics, but the main purpose of our research and exchange is to contribute to the praxis of media activism.

Currently, interlocals.net is a project coordinated by Hong Kong In-Media, a small NGO registered in Hong Kong, which also supports inmediahk.net, media activist training and anti-censorship campaign. We need your support to sustain our work.