Peace Village demolished for U.S military base

According to the report at Days in Daechuri, 22,000 riot police had demolished more than 60 houses at Daechuri and Doduri, Pyeongtaek, in order to clear the land for the future U.S. military base yesterday (13 of September).

Daechuri is a peace village built in Feburary 2005 by local villagers, churches, artists and peace activists, who oppose the expansion of U.S military base in Pyeongtaek. In the past one and a half year, they tried very hard to restore the peaceful life in Daechuri by ensuring the supply of water, electricity, renovating village houses and cultivating land.

There is much more to it than it appears: The transformation of USFK

The debate on wartime operation command now happening in South Korea actually conceals more than it reveals. The fact that the debate is now taking place is itself a bit funny. Why? It means the sovereign state of the Republic of Korea has been so far lacking sovereign authority over its own army. It also means that there is still strong reluctance to have it back among some sections of the public, the so-called pro-US social forces. Who has that operation command? The US forces in Korea (USFK). Why? Because the US wanted it and South Korea believed it was better that way, until recently.

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