Profits before human lives - where does Chinese Capitalism come from?

2006-10-19 - oiwan

The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress would go over the revised draft Labor Law in October. The 1st draft was released in March 2006 and went through a series of consultation. By July, the committee received 191,849 feedbacks. Although 65% comes from the workers, words from the commercial sectors seem to carry more weight. In the second draft of the Labor Law (in July), the article concerning the 1 year time limit of the dispatched workers have been removed. There are also some adjustments on the caculation of various compensations.

The politics of spoof culture

2006-10-12 - oiwan

In Umberto Eco's novel, The Name of the Rose, the blind librarian Jorge committed a series of murders in order to hide the secret of Aristotle's Book of Comedy, Book II of the Poetics because he regarded laughter as the most threatening heresy. The story shows the fragility of authority / truth.

Party Leaders to Resolve Social Discontent via Mass Hypnotism

2006-10-08 - Absurdfool

In the past seven days, Chinese fellow citizens in Mainland China have emptied their banks with an amount of 300 billion yuan or US$38 billion, a year-on-year rise of 14.5 percent and each contributed a per capita holiday spending of 250 yuan to celebrate the country's 57th anniversary.

The 7-day May and October holiday initiative triggered by then Premier Zhu about 10 years ago has proven a simple principle right - the total is much bigger than its arithmetic sum. The central rulers must now be happy as a bird. Curding bank loans to discourage such capital investment projects as real estate and infrastructure has to be compensated by an expansion of domestic consumption. Otherwise Premier Wen might not be able to deliver a soft touchdown report of the economy next year.

In memory of Chinese cartoonist Liao Bing xiong

2006-10-03 - oiwan

The cartoon on the right hand side was one of Liao Bing-xiong's (廖冰兄) piece in criticizing the Cultural Revolution. It shows how the political campaign, which targeted at a fly, ended up killing thousands of people. Lao Bing-xiong passed away on September 22, 2006, taking away with him a Chinese political cartoon tradition.

Lao started to draw political cartoon since 1932 when he was 17 years old. His early works (1932-36), which criticized feudalism were published in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangdong's newspapers. During the WWII, he left Hong Kong and devoted himself to anti-war propaganda(1937-44).

GP batteries sues labour groups for defamation

2006-09-26 - oiwan

GP Batteries (GP Batteries International Limited), held by Gold Peak Industries (Holdings) Limited, took legal action against Hong Kong labour groups in order to stop them from exposing the heavy mental poisoning situation in their production line and fighting for workers' compensation.

On 28 June 2006, Gold Peak applied to the High Court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to issue a summons against two labour NGOs (Globalization Monitor and the Neighbourhood & Worker’s Service Center) and the local trade union Confederation (The Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions), which had been assisting the workers, for defamation.

It is time to abolish the ‘strike harsh’ crime fighting policy!

2006-09-22 - monwong

If we do not look into the gross abuse of 'strike harsh' policy by the police force and rectify it within the justice system, there will be more unfortunate incidents of innocent people being wrongfully convicted of crimes that they did not commit.

By Zan Ai Zong

On September 9th, 2006, the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 incident, a report in China Youth Daily exposed a horrific incident of police brutality: four students in Chaohu, Anhui Province were wrongfully (illegally) detained and tortured for a hundred days.

Hacker Attack on

2006-09-20 - chong

When the portal website of broke down recently, what reasons came into the mind of Liu Jianguo,'s Chief Technology Officer?, the biggest search engine in China, was attacked by hackers on September 12. The breakdown lasted for almost 30 minutes. Baidu claimed that the attack was pre-meditated and highly organized. Some speculated that it is related to its recent cutbacks in personnel and its litigation with former clients.

Land Expropriation Reform Makes "Land Enclosure" Worse

2006-09-10 - chong

Author/Qin Hui

The land problem has become intensified after local tax reform. The central government has paid a lot of effort in constraining land "enclosure". In the year of 2004, it initiated the reform in land expropriation, the so-called "new land policy", "land revolution" and "The deadline of August 31", and it has enormously constrained the collusion between government and business sector and protected the national interest. The reform has changed the interest distribution between developer and government. The system of negotiated leasehold is replaced by open auction. Now it is less possible for developers to offer bribe to local officials to get land at low price. This policy reduces the loss of land revenue to national financial income.

Stories about competing to be international universities

2006-09-08 - oiwan

The western and eastern imaginations of being "international" are so different. At least in China and Hong Kong, to be international means to develop at the expense of history, culture and environment, which is so contradictory to international trends. And it is sad to see even universities, the institutes for knowledge production, are caught up in such developmentalist imaginations.

Peking University: international English standard and golf court

FoxConn, First Financial Daily and CCP

2006-09-07 - chong

China studies scholars in western countries have been concerned with a question: What kind of society has been brought by open-door policy? The reconcilation between FoxConn and The First Financial Daily gives us some hints.

The world outside China has the impression that China's media is controlled by government. It is partially true. Strictly speaking, media in China is janus-faced. Sometimes they look like any media in western countries. Sometimes they seem go back to the old times. The incident of "Freezing Point" (Bingdian) is a recent example.

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