The power of internet to rescue slave worker in China

2007-06-17 - chong
Note: China government recently rescues over five hundred slave workers from an illegal brick kiln. It is believed that over 1,000 boys under the age of 18 were sold to Shanxi as slaves. They were forced to labour. Some of them were tortured and even bullied to death. For some reasons, this horrifying incident is not known by media and government until 400 fathers published a public letter on internet... ...

The Man behind Xiamen PX project

2007-06-09 - chong

Translated from Wang Boda (Yazhou Zhoukan, Issue 23, 2007)

Notes: In early June, thousands of people in Xiamen City took to the street to protest against the government's approval of the construction of a PX (it is alleged a toxic chemical) production complex. This article is about the secret Taiwanese tycoon behind it.

Struggle against eviction in Guangzhou

2007-05-20 - chong

Some said there is a "nail house" in Guangzhou again. But Pan Weiye, the protagonist of this incident, refuses to be classified as "nail". He argues that what he wants is an apartment of the same area in this district.

Pan Weiye's home is a house in Xiguan, an area famous by the wealth class in the past. It was located in the western side of the inner city of Guangzhou, a district for foreign trade in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Pan's house is a historical building and his family has been living here for three generations. There were five families before eviction but now only a family of seven members stays.

A Hotel in Peking University for "Teaching and Research"?

2007-04-27 - chong

The Peking University is building a five-star hotel. But the teachers and students accuse this project of occupying the university’s land for research and teaching and violating the land-use designation in the campus planning.

This hotel, named after “Weiming Lake”, the famous spot in the Peking University and located at the northern side of Baiyi Road and by the wall of campus, is still under construction. This is a project of the Peking University Science Park Limited (PUSP). It is scheduled to open in October.

China: A Bottomless Glass

2007-04-16 - oiwan

I came across this article, A bottomless Glass, from Chai Jing's blog, it is in prose style and written for a charity organization. Since Chai Jing is a reporter, the prose is probably the memories of her journalistic reports.

The metaphor of "A bottomless glass" is very accurate and powerful, it gives us reflection on the blooming charity works in China in the past few years. Below is a translation (it has lost much of the poetic and sentimental essence.)

Cheap Labor and Fast Food

2007-03-29 - chong

Translated from: Hong Kong Economic Journal 2007.3.29 - Reading China

Over the past few years, there are many controversies over the foreign owned fast food restaurants such as KFC and McDonald's in China. Recently, some part-time workers accuse them of unfair treatment including offering low wage, requiring long work hours, unequal agreement, and refusing to give workers labour contract.

University student and regional disparity in China

2007-03-15 - chong

According to an investigation of the working condition of 14,000 white collar workers in Beijing, 52% of respondents answer “always work overtime” and only 4% answer “rarely work overtime”. 73% are not paid for overtime by their employers who violate labor law stipulating it as 150% of the basic salary. Some argue that there is an oversupply of university degree holders.

In 1998, only 1.084 million people were admitted to university. There were 2.158 million university students. Since 1999, there has been a rapid expansion of university enrollment. From 2004-2006, the intake increases from 4 million to 5.3 million. In 2006, about 1.24 million university graduates failed to get a job. In 2006, of a total of 4.13 million university graduates, 66.10% earned 1000-2000 yuan monthly.

Blood Money

2007-02-16 - toadi

(Editorial notes: In 2000, AIDS Activist, a retired doctor, Gao Yaojie (高耀潔), exposed the case of HIV infection through blood collection in Henan. The whole village was inflicted with AIDS and the case was widely reported by international media. The local government tried to cover up the situation of illegal blood collection and the condition of the villagers until 2003 when the central government decided to intervene. In order to prevent the spread of AIDS, which is considered as a security issue, the central government has introduced a series of regulations to prevent the spread of disease. However, the exploitative blood sucking practice still continues, and even backed up by pharmaceutical manufacturers. Not to mention the fact that a number of AIDS activists, such as Hujia (胡佳) and Gao Yaojie (in her seventies), are still detained.

The story below is a translation of a report (Part One)from HuaXia Time (華夏時報), widely distributed at QQ news in mainland China. The reporter told how a blood collection station in Shanxi pumped blood from rural villagers from poorer provinces (such as Shaanxi 陝西) to supply a pharmaceutical manufacturer in Beijing.)

Zhang Yimou: Aesthetics of Power

2007-02-15 - chong

Zhu Dake
Translated by chong

Notes: This is an interview of Zhu Dake, a cultural critic in Shanghai. His analysis of Zhang Yimou's film is not execellent but inspiring, particularly his comments on contemporary Chinese culture.

The scene (in Curse of the Golden Flower) I found most impressing is that of a long line of palace maids who showed off their tightly tied breasts. Many audience felt that they walked into a farm full of milk cows. According to ordinary people's opinion, there are three criteria for a popular film. The first one is erotica. The second one is violence. The final one is celebrity's privacy. With any one of them, you could make a big hit. With two, you could make a very big hit. With three, you could create a blockbuster. Curse of the Golden Flower has all of them. Without any doubt, many people are crazy about it. You see. First, it provides a lot of breasts to meet the requirement of "erotica".

V-day and Ai Xiao-ming's the Vagina monologue

2007-02-14 - oiwan

The whole world is celebrating Valentine's Day, news like million dollars chocolate diamond hit the most popular international news, and the blogosphere is resonating the Love packaging consumption day.

Not many are aware that today is also the V-day, V stands for Victory, Valentine and Vagina.

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