China: The debut of mobile SMS censorship

2010-01-25 - damon

The campaign against the proliferation of pornography on mobile devices as outlined by the MIIT official document has entered the second stage in early 2010. According toXinhuanet's report in mid Jan, Mobile China Shanghai branch will start suspending a mobile phone's SMS function if they find the number distribute “vulgar”, “pornographic” and other illegal content. Mobile China Beijing also claimed that they would suspend a mobile phone's SMS function if they find a mobile number distributing "vulgar" and illegal content in a massive scale. Apart from Mobile China, the second largest telecom China Unicom also set up similar filter system.

The monitoring of mobile SMS has not only invaded citizen' private life but also set up an infrastructure to crack down social mobilization via mobile phone. In the past few years, mobile phone SMS has played a significant role in a number of mass incidents, such as the Xiamen anti-PX demonstration in 2007, the anti-maglev train strolls in Shanghai in 2009 and the recent protest against the Trash-to-energy incineration plant in Panyu.

SACOM statement: Violence in Coca-Cola’s Labor Subcontracting System in China

2009-09-01 - oiwan

On the 12th of August 2009, a labor dispatch company hired by Coca-Cola’s designated Hangzhou-based bottling plant was discovered to have threatened two university student-workers who asked for their own and their two other fellow workers’ backpay upon their resignation. Xiao Liang, 24, was beaten up by two managers at the labor dispatch company’s office, resulting in serious wounds over his left eye, left hand, and right ear. Xiao Xu sent Xiao Liang to the Dongfang Hospital immediately after police arrived on the scene. Xiao Liang was later diagnosed with a ruptured eardrum, resulting in compromised hearing capacity.

An unknown future for Chinese civil society

2009-08-18 - chong

Author/Poon Ka Wai

Recently, I have been concerned with the news about some civic organizations repressed by the authority. What is involved is the China government's restricting the registration of civic organizations and receiving foreign sponsorship. I have some knowledge about the mainland churches who have been pushed by the government to "register". Both civic organization and churche are a part of "civil society". Here I would like share my views regarding these problems.

Money is the Authoritarian Power

2009-07-31 - chong

A legal aid group in Beijing was recently shut down by the government and was subject to a penalty of 1.2 million yuan (US$175,000) for alleged tax evasion. Xu Zhidong, a member of the group, was detained by the authority on July 30. By coincidence, in Hong Kong, a supposedly free city of China, two cultural preservationists were suddenly charged with HK$270,000 (US$34,000) as a compensation for the cost of a judicial review two years ago. Money seems to be a new weapon for the Beijing and Hong Kong governments to suppress the civil society.

Cancer Villages in China

2009-05-08 - oiwan

Blogger, doubleaf has created a google map about cancer village in China based on the official data collected by Deng Fei. (via Micheal Anti's twitter)

During a recent trip to San Francisco, I was asked to comment on China's threat to global environment by a local student regarding the fact that China is now the top country in greenhouse gap emission.

Apple, you again?

2009-05-07 - chong

Written by Torrent
Translated by chong

Back from Dongguan. There is something not convenient to talk in Mainland China. Now I want to grumble about it.

I really don't know what Apple is messing up. On April 20, I went to the factory of Masstop in Sangyuen Industrial District (Dongguan) and interviewed workers outside the factory. It was already three days after the strike. The owner usually takes repressive measure to control the workers. Masstop is no exception. The workers were most probably afraid of being retaliation and did not talk much. But if you really want to ask something, you would get it. If Apple had sent a delegate to hang around outside the factory for a whole day, he/she could have know what bad things the Masstop is doing.

Launching: Info-Rhizome and

2009-04-26 - oiwan

We are pleased to announce the launching of Info-Rhizome: Report on Independent Media in Chinese-speaking world (2008/09) and the re-launching of

Info-Rhizome: Report on Independent Media in Chinese-speaking world (2008/09)

The book published in two languages English and traditional Chinese and is free to download for individual use.

Info-Rhizome: Report on Independent Media in the Chinese-speaking World


Mainland China (English)

Publish at Scribd or explore others: Non-fiction Books taiwan independent media

We are glad to announce the launching of Info-Rhizome: Report on independent media in the Chinese-speaking world (2008/09). The book is free to download for individual use (details below). However, we also need some revenues to continue our future publication and activist networking. Your donation is highly appreciated. Moreover, please help to promote this book to institution, such as library, NGOs, research centers, etc. It contains useful information for students and media researchers to have a quick overview of the media environment (regulation) and citizen initiatives in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan. All revenue generated from this book will be used to sustain and research publication on media activism. Please forward this book order form to your friends and colleagues.

Ex-WINTEK Workers Joined in Protest of Poor Working Condition

2009-04-26 - kwangyin

To sign the petition online, go to:

If you are holding an iPhone or an HTC in your hand, you might have contributed to the ordeals of nearly 8,000 factory workers in China and Taiwan, to speak of the least.

One of Apple’s major suppliers, WINTEK, is recently facing a fight back from angry workers, among who are the 700-strong on Taiwan’s manufacture lines that have been laid off early this year, who were rather surprised when they found out WINTEK began to recruit new workers immediately, while these veterans are left jobless. Meanwhile, “Masstop” (東莞萬士達公司) in Donguan, a subsidiary of WINTEK, saw more than 7,000 broke in outrage when the workers went on strike last Friday (17 April 2009), in protest of unlawful cuts on overtime wages and basic benefits.

Ai Weiwei on Olympic Design

2008-07-13 - chong

Bird's nest
(Full article in Chinese) Excerpt:

You think that the building of "Bird's Nest" (Beijing National Stadium) is a process of merging Chinese design with internationalization. In this process, what insights do we get and what is the impact on the future?

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