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10th anniversary of reunification @ Queen's Pier

2007-07-02 - oiwan

The preservation campaign at the Queen's Pier has already become a miracle in Hong Kong history. The activists have occupied the Queen's Pier for more than two months to fight for in situ preservation, and the whole campaign has lasted for 7 months since last December. For a pessimistic and materialistic society like Hong Kong, the campaign is really incredible and hard to imagine. Last night, on the big day of 10th anniversary of reunification, it set another record in creating a mass civil disobedient act.

Don't turn Hong Kong into a mono-colour ghost city

2007-07-02 - oiwan

Well... as some of you may have known, one of the article that i wrote for inmediahk.net has been classified as Class II indecent articles by the Obscene Articles Tribunal. The maximum penalty is HK$400,000 and 12 months in jail.

Hong Kong: Commemorating the Return, Commemorating Lu Xun

2007-06-30 - chong

Written by Out-of-track-intellectual(壞軌書生)from inmediahk.net and Translated by Roland Soong

This is the tenth anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong to China. But what should we commemorate?

We are not commemorating the departure of the British from Hong Kong and the setting of the sun for the British Empire; we are not commemorating the disappearance of this Asian metropolis that was built under the Union Jack and the transformation of the advanced Hong Kong into the backwards Hong Kong; and we are not remembering the anxiety before the Return ten years ago which turned out to be a “self-induced fear” …

Defend freedom without compromise -- Special Issue on 10th anniversary of Hong Kong-China Reunification

2007-06-30 - oiwan

Translator note: Hong Kong In-Media and inmediahk.net has jointly published a newsletter Defend freedom without compromise for commemorating 10th anniversary of Hong Kong-China Reunification. The newsletter is composed of a series of articles on freedom of speech, assembly, expression, and academic freedom. It layouts the history of local social movement and the need to carry on the de-colonization of the system and people's mindset. Below is a translation of the special issue's foreword.

Hong Kong: Action elevated for Queen's pier preservation campaign

2007-06-13 - oiwan

Editor notes: Yesterday, a ritualistic demonstration took place at the Queen's pier to show people's determination in preserving the pier via civil disobedient act.

Around thirty participants, with crown on their heads, drank wine together and cried the following slogans:

1. The government officials have forced the people to resist
2. We will fight with determination (direct translation would be "We will fight till we die")
3. Preservation for Queen's Pier
4. Please give us a hand (or we still need your hand)

Hong Kong: Oppression of Housing Right Activists

2007-06-06 - oiwan

(Note: this is a report re-written according to the information provided by various citizen reporting of Plato at inmediahk.net.)

When thousands of citizens were commemorating for the 18 years anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre at Victory Park on June 4, local dissidents were repressed by the government and police. Up till now, 10 housing right activists have been arrested by the police for unlawful assembly and one of them have been charged of assaulting police officers. The police further pressed Cheung Man Wai, a community organizer, to provide the name list of the participants who have attended a petition on June 3.

Hong Kong: The Bureaucrats Who Run Counter To Daily Experience/Moral Judgment

2007-05-29 - oiwan

The following is the translation of a Chinese-language essay at InMediaHK by Roland Soong.

The Bureaucrats Who Run Counter To Daily Experience/Moral Judgment. By Oiwan Lam. May 28.

This morning, I received first a telephone call from the company that hosts the web server for InMediaHK. They told me that a certain photograph on the website had been placed under warning by the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority, which has recommended that either we remove the photograph or add a pop-up warning message. Subsequently, I received a telephone call from Mister Kong of the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority. Since I was attending class at that moment, I could not return the call until 2:30pm to find out what was happening.

Interlocals Citizen Reporter Fellowship 2007

2007-05-26 - chong

Interlocals Citizen Reporter Fellowship 2007 Public Announcement

I. Fellowship Concept

To promote cross-border citizen reporting and dialogue among people from different localities, interlocals.net announces a fellowship project for bloggers and citizen reporters to travel to another country to conduct cross-border exchange, research and reporting.

www.interlocals.net is a collaboration among independent / alternative / citizen media that includes www.inmediahk.net (from Hong Kong), www.coolloud.org (from Taiwan), and www.zonaeuropa.com, etc (for details). As a website, interlocals.net targets non-English speaking people with the aim to encourage communication and dialogue on social, cultural, and political issues in each locality but also in a cross-border context.

People Liberation Army Berth at the Heart of Hong Kong?

2007-05-14 - oiwan

"Would you put an AK45 gun at the dinning table of your living room? This is ridiculous!" said Chan King Fai, a 22 years old activist.

"It is not that we are opposed to the PLA berth, but the symbolism of having PLA berth at Central waterfront is very bad. Central as a political and financial center, together with this military symbolism, it looks like a continuity of colonial rule," said Professor Ms Mirania Szeto from University of Hong Kong, Department of Comparative Literature.

Emotional footnote to porn hyperlink and student press scandal stories

2007-05-12 - oiwan

First I should thank Roland for translating the few war declaration paragraphs that I wrote at inmediahk.net yesterday:

The recent storm aroused by the Chinese University of Hong Kong student newspaper's erotic section is just the tip of the iceberg. Political censorsihp has been manipulating public opinion in seemingly apolitical sectors. Previously, we saw during the consultation over digital media copyrights how the state machinery used "protection of copyrights" to attempt to introduce a system to filter and delete contents, or else intimidate personal or small websites through fines.

Another gap through which political censorship can be introduced is pornography. This gap gathers the power of the state as well as the forces of religious people and fake moral politicians. So far, they have focused on gender and gay rights groups, but we must extend our battlelines in light of the court decision two days ago: the police filed charges against a netizen for posting hyperlinks to pornographic websites at a certain forum and the court arrived at a guilty verdict with a fine of HK$5,000. This is a very significant precedent for censorship.

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