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Hong Kong: CUHK's prohibition of displaying Statue of the Goddess of Democracy in campus

2010-06-03 - damon

Goddess of Democracy

The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality
----- Petition against the Chinese University of Hong Kong's prohibition of displaying Statue of the Goddess of Democracy in campus

The CUHK issued a public letter to announce that the student union’s application to display a statue of the Goddess of Democracy and related items in the CUHK campus was rejected, by the reason of “political neutrality”. We are enraged!

HK NGOs: Foxconn shuts the door

2010-05-26 - SACOM

Foxconn shuts the door when NGOs demand for corrective actions

25 May 2010

Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) and other labour NGOs staged a protest outside Foxconn’s Hong Kong headquarters this morning to express our concerns over the high number of suicides at its factories. Disgracefully, Foxconn did not use the opportunity to make a public account on the issue, but shut its door to the protesters. Furthermore, Foxconn called the security guards and police to “receive” us.

Hong Kong In-Media: Submission to Council on public broadcasting

2010-05-18 - damon


Hong Kong In-Media: Submission to Legislative Council Subcommittee Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting


Hong Kong In-Media strongly believes that Public Broadcasting should be independent to ensure the freedom of speech and expression in Hong Kong. The recommendations put forward by Government in the "Future operation of the Radio Television of Hong Kong (RTHK) and new RTHK Charter" has ignored the fundamental suggestion put forward by the "Committee on Review of Public Service Broadcasting" that a "truly independent public broadcaster should be developed" in Hong Kong. We therefore express our our disappointment and regret towards such misleading consultation.

The Great Firewall of China

Have you ever used Internet in mainland China? Are there any websites you are unable to access? Just click to watch the brief history of China's Great Firewall !!!

Hong Kong: A debate over Internet governance

2010-02-24 - damon

There are several online communities active in political and social mobilization in Hong Kong. One of them is Hong Kong Golden forum, its members are very critical of the Government and active in coordinating protests and demonstrations. However, recently, the CEO of the forum, Joe Lam (林祖舜)openly supported more legislation on cyber bullying.

China: Message behind the Google flowers

2010-02-01 - damon

Google's official announcement regarding its new approach to China has been escalated to the diplomatic exchange between Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chinese officials, who denied any role in the attacks.

Although the decision may be business in nature, Google's market share in China is not big while there are more and more political risks in keeping their business in China. The 10 years sentence of mainland Chinese journalist Shi Tao is the most well known case in which Yahoo! (Hong Kong) provided the Chinese government with Shi's email information as evidence for the prosecution.

Money is the Authoritarian Power

2009-07-31 - chong

A legal aid group in Beijing was recently shut down by the government and was subject to a penalty of 1.2 million yuan (US$175,000) for alleged tax evasion. Xu Zhidong, a member of the group, was detained by the authority on July 30. By coincidence, in Hong Kong, a supposedly free city of China, two cultural preservationists were suddenly charged with HK$270,000 (US$34,000) as a compensation for the cost of a judicial review two years ago. Money seems to be a new weapon for the Beijing and Hong Kong governments to suppress the civil society.

Launching: Info-Rhizome and interlocals.net

2009-04-26 - oiwan

We are pleased to announce the launching of Info-Rhizome: Report on Independent Media in Chinese-speaking world (2008/09) and the re-launching of interlocals.net.

Info-Rhizome: Report on Independent Media in Chinese-speaking world (2008/09)

The book published in two languages English and traditional Chinese and is free to download for individual use.

Info-Rhizome: Report on Independent Media in the Chinese-speaking World


Mainland China (English)

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We are glad to announce the launching of Info-Rhizome: Report on independent media in the Chinese-speaking world (2008/09). The book is free to download for individual use (details below). However, we also need some revenues to continue our future publication and activist networking. Your donation is highly appreciated. Moreover, please help to promote this book to institution, such as library, NGOs, research centers, etc. It contains useful information for students and media researchers to have a quick overview of the media environment (regulation) and citizen initiatives in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan. All revenue generated from this book will be used to sustain interlocals.net and research publication on media activism. Please forward this book order form to your friends and colleagues.

What is that Star?

What is that Star?

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This article is written for a book project called Coding Cultures back in 2007 (You can download the book here) . It is about the preservation campaign of Star Ferry pier and Queen's pier in Hong Kong and the role of media and art activists in delivering messages and engaging with the public.

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