Biting the Rotten Apple: Taking on Foxconn (Aug 2012)

Biting the rotten Apple: Taking on Foxconn
Jenny Chan talks about her campaigning with workers in China

Pun Ngai and Jenny Chan: Global Capital, the State, and Chinese Workers: The Foxconn Experience

2012-07-14 - SACOM

In 2010 a startling 18 young migrant workers attempted suicide at Foxconn Technology Group production facilities in China.

China's workers (New Internationalist, April 2011)

2011-04-08 - SACOM

Makers of the miracle
New Internationalist looks behind the impressive economic statistics to find the human story – the sweat and the struggle underlying China’s impressive growth record. This is a tale of vast proportions – the largest migration in human history, the ruthless exploitation of the vulnerable, and the awakening of hundreds of thousands to their power and their rights. Analysis mixes with history and the voices of the workers to paint a picture of what is at stake both for China and the world.

USAS - stand with Chinese workers making Apple iPhones

2010-06-14 - SACOM

USAS – United Students Against Sweatshops

Stand with Chinese workers making Apple iPhones

(created on 14 June 2010; ACTIVE – in English)

Open Letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs [SACOM, June 8th, 2010]

2010-06-08 - SACOM

On this day, June 8th, we wish the whole world to remember the Foxconn suicides, and we extend our deepest condolences to the victims’ families and friends. We feel very saddened that public comments from Taiwanese billionaire Terry Gou, CEO of the 800,000-strong Foxconn “electronics kingdom”, show a tendency to dismiss the suicides of his young employees without considering the contribution of the high-pressure work environment to this phenomenon.

Apple, you again?

2009-05-07 - chong

Written by Torrent
Translated by chong

Back from Dongguan. There is something not convenient to talk in Mainland China. Now I want to grumble about it.

I really don't know what Apple is messing up. On April 20, I went to the factory of Masstop in Sangyuen Industrial District (Dongguan) and interviewed workers outside the factory. It was already three days after the strike. The owner usually takes repressive measure to control the workers. Masstop is no exception. The workers were most probably afraid of being retaliation and did not talk much. But if you really want to ask something, you would get it. If Apple had sent a delegate to hang around outside the factory for a whole day, he/she could have know what bad things the Masstop is doing.

Ex-WINTEK Workers Joined in Protest of Poor Working Condition

2009-04-26 - kwangyin

To sign the petition online, go to:

If you are holding an iPhone or an HTC in your hand, you might have contributed to the ordeals of nearly 8,000 factory workers in China and Taiwan, to speak of the least.

One of Apple’s major suppliers, WINTEK, is recently facing a fight back from angry workers, among who are the 700-strong on Taiwan’s manufacture lines that have been laid off early this year, who were rather surprised when they found out WINTEK began to recruit new workers immediately, while these veterans are left jobless. Meanwhile, “Masstop” (東莞萬士達公司) in Donguan, a subsidiary of WINTEK, saw more than 7,000 broke in outrage when the workers went on strike last Friday (17 April 2009), in protest of unlawful cuts on overtime wages and basic benefits.

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