Self-Censorship in Hong Kong

2007-09-20 - Anonymous

Originally written in Chinese by at inmediahk.net Yan But To

Wong Chi Wah (a Hong Kong comedian) had reminded us in his show that we should be alert to losing freedom slowly like a frog boiled in warming water. The Subculture Press continues to publish its political satire every year. This year, "Memoirs of Commander Tsang's Spin Doctor" is quite popular in the book fair. Later Pang Chi Ming, director of the Subculture Press, fails to have a distributor to sell this book. All books are still kept in print shop. Does Hong Kong already become that "frog"? I go to interview Pang.

Japan: UH election result and implications

2007-08-03 - oiwan

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his Liberal Democratic Party was unexpectedly defeated in July 29's Upper House election. Chris from GVO posted a question on whether the result of the election is a groundswell of support for the opposition Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), or was it simply a long-overdue rejection of “business as usual”? And there are some bloggers comments, some are rather skeptical.

Three parties in environmental politics

2007-06-18 - chong

Originally written by Zhu Jiangang
Southern Metropolitan News

Over th past 15 years, Wu Lihong has been complaining about the pollution of Tai Lake. In 2005, he was selected as the outstanding environmentalist of China. But he was arrested for fraudulent recently. He was accused of extorting money from enterprises. This accusation is not made the first time. In the eyes of the local government and the polluters, Wu is an unscrupulous criminal.

People Liberation Army Berth at the Heart of Hong Kong?

2007-05-14 - oiwan

"Would you put an AK45 gun at the dinning table of your living room? This is ridiculous!" said Chan King Fai, a 22 years old activist.

"It is not that we are opposed to the PLA berth, but the symbolism of having PLA berth at Central waterfront is very bad. Central as a political and financial center, together with this military symbolism, it looks like a continuity of colonial rule," said Professor Ms Mirania Szeto from University of Hong Kong, Department of Comparative Literature.

Some Excerpts from commentaries on Taiwan's rejection of Olympic torch

2007-05-07 - chong

Wei’s Blog
Taiwan rejects Olympic torch? What are you thinking of, you idiotic government?!
Source (Chinese)

Yesterday, Beijing announced the route of passing the torch. I never thought that our idiotic government (Taiwan government) rejects the torch. It repeatedly protested against political intervention into sports. But it keeps intervening into sports with politics.

… …

Doesn’t you idiotic government like referendum very much? If you have guts, why not organize a referendum on whether we should accept the torch? It only cares about its own political interest and completely neglect the chance for Taiwan to expose herself to the world by delivering the torch. It also does not care about the positive effect on tourism. … …

China: A Bottomless Glass

2007-04-16 - oiwan

I came across this article, A bottomless Glass, from Chai Jing's blog, it is in prose style and written for a charity organization. Since Chai Jing is a reporter, the prose is probably the memories of her journalistic reports.

The metaphor of "A bottomless glass" is very accurate and powerful, it gives us reflection on the blooming charity works in China in the past few years. Below is a translation (it has lost much of the poetic and sentimental essence.)

IMC Taiwan (2003-5)-- Archeology and Memory

2007-03-30 - gabi

(Editor note: this article is written for indymedia book project which will come out later this year.)

By Gabriele Hadl and Sun-quan Huang (‘Inertia’)

IMC Taiwan (Twimc http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.twimc.org) was set up by members of POTS (Taipei alternative free weekly paper), and Twblog.net (an experimental blogging network), teachers, mainstream media people, grassroots and activist groups. The site existed from 2003- 2005, the collective was active from 2003-04.

Farewell to the Colonial Mindset; Reclaim Our Own City: Jan 21 People's Landing on the Queen's Pier

2007-01-23 - oiwan

Last Sunday, we had around 100 people got into the boat and performing the ritual of landing at Queen's pier, this time by local people themselves, including of migrant workers, residents affected by urban renewal project, environmental group, professional architects, planners, teachers, activists, artists, grassroots democractic groups, youths, students, labour unions, writers, right of abode coalition, legislators, lawyers, etc.

The action was spontaneously organized by an ac hol citizen concern groups called "local-action".

South Korea: teachers arrested for quoting from North Korean media

2007-01-23 - oiwan

After reading Jamie's link in mediascapes, I looked through all the links and found the arrest out of my imagination. Eventhough South Korea has been democratized for 20 years, the Cold War / Witch-hunting rationality is so predominant.

According to Korean Teacher Union (KTU), the two teachers merely quoted remarks made by North Korean officials and media (which was cited in KTU's website), saying that "Why does North Korea want to produce nuclear weapons?" from a North Korean perspective: "North Korea claims that to possess self-defensive nuclear deterrence is its justifiable right."

South Korea: 20 years of democracy

2007-01-17 - oiwan

As one of the more progressive newspapers in South Korea, the Hankyoreh has organized a series of features on the so-called 386 generation that brought democracy to South Korea. 386 means a generation who were born in the ’60s, entered college in the ’80s, and were in their ’30s at the time the term was coined.

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