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China: Rise of the Peace Prize before a Peaceful Rise of China

2010-10-14 - pat tse

(Editor note: This article is originally written in Chinese by An Tao at on October 10, 2010, commenting on the 2010 Nobel Peace Award to Chinese dissident writer Liu Xiaobo. The writer explores the usage of the term "peace" in contemporary China and the implication and practice of Liu Xiaobo's peaceful act in such context.)

Over the years, I have been puzzled by the swift change of discourse from the “powerful rise” of China to its “peaceful rise”. Peace is neither derived from Marxist-Leninst principles, nor observed by the Chinese Communist regime as a virtue. How the slogan of “peaceful rise” can be realized remains in doubt.

The meaning of “peaceful rise” per se is confusing enough. Does it mean that a rising power is still peace-loving and unthreatening to other countries, or peace is a feasible or even necessary strategy during the rise of a nation?

Independent Union Re-established in Nien Hsing Nicaraguan Plant

2007-03-01 - torrent

A labor dispute broke out and soon resolved last month at Nicaragua’s largest employer in the private sector, the Taiwanese investment Nien Hsing Textile.

The factory Nien Hsing Garments S.A., located in Managua’s Las Mercedes Free Trade Zone, is one of eleven Nien Hsing factories in Nicaragua. The factory has been in operation for twelve years. There are approximately 2,500 workers in the factory. Currently the factory produces only pants—jeans, slacks and shorts—for Blue Riders, Wrangler Jeans, Osh Kosh B’Gosh, Faded Glory and Sonoma Carpenter.

Japan: Racist comic magazine: foreigner crime case

2007-02-08 - oiwan

Gaijin Hanzai Ura File (Foreigner crime underground file)is an comic magazine full of distorted information and imagines about foreigners. And it promotes fear against foreigners (mainly Chinese and Korean) by reciting "everyone will become a target of ‘gaijin crime’ in 2007".

Hibiscus project and Sino-African dialogue in New Delhi

When compared with Ethan, I am always slow in blogging and reporting on conferences and meetings.

Have returned from New Delhi for a few days and caught up in the Star ferry and Queen's ferry conservation movement because of citizen reporting work in It is another example to point out that in social movement, activists and organizers usually prioritize the local to cross-border issue. Partly because the local is closer to us, partly because it is more difficult for us to develop enough knowledge for starting a dialogue.

Wednesday's 'peoples uprising' against the Korea-US FTA, and its aftermath

Angry demonstrations spread across the Korean penninsula Wednesday (November 22)as part of a large, broad-based campaign to oppose the current negotiations over the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement and the general state of labour relations and foreign policy on the penninsula.

[Image and caption from the Hankyoreh.) [Image Caption: President Roh Moo-hyun flies back to Korea, poring over plans for the "Roh Moo-hyun Memorial."On the ground below there are fires burning, namely "real estate," "unemployment," and "education." Near the destruction, you also see massive street protests. One is in opposition to a free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States. The other is a protest by part-time and contract workers calling for better legal protection.]

Warning strike Wednesday

2006-11-16 - jamied

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) held a warning strike yesterday in protest of several pressing labour issues including: the negotiation of the Korea US Free Trade Agreement, the signing of a tripartite agreement without consent or participation of the KCTU, the expanse of irregular work and oppression against their organizations and the sorry state of workers accident insurance and workers compensation.

4 a.m conversation about U.N reform

2006-09-19 - oiwan

Rebecca encouraged me to participate in the Reuter upcoming event: a conversation on UN Reform with Ted Turner, I was hestitating because I have to stay till or wake up at 4 a.m. The underlying question is whether our opinion can make a difference when Mr. Annan's opinion on the Middle East War had been neglected by big countries.

Narrating Anti-War

2006-09-18 - coco

(This is a translation of an article written in early September by Dick, an editorial member of, who initiated the anti-war protest in summer. Dick studied in Iran for a year and has recently travelled to Iran for a book project.)

In order to arouse Hong Kong public concern on the war in Middle East, I have written several articles and petitions (which are despised and considered as propaganda by many others) during these several weeks. Now Israel and Hezbollah have stopped fighting for several weeks. Hong Kong people did not even bother to care the killings during the fiercest battles. How less after the appearance of the nude spy-cam photos of Gillian Chung from pop group Twins? Still I will write. I will ask the following questions whenever I can breathe:

Peace Village demolished for U.S military base

According to the report at Days in Daechuri, 22,000 riot police had demolished more than 60 houses at Daechuri and Doduri, Pyeongtaek, in order to clear the land for the future U.S. military base yesterday (13 of September).

Daechuri is a peace village built in Feburary 2005 by local villagers, churches, artists and peace activists, who oppose the expansion of U.S military base in Pyeongtaek. In the past one and a half year, they tried very hard to restore the peaceful life in Daechuri by ensuring the supply of water, electricity, renovating village houses and cultivating land.

There is much more to it than it appears: The transformation of USFK

The debate on wartime operation command now happening in South Korea actually conceals more than it reveals. The fact that the debate is now taking place is itself a bit funny. Why? It means the sovereign state of the Republic of Korea has been so far lacking sovereign authority over its own army. It also means that there is still strong reluctance to have it back among some sections of the public, the so-called pro-US social forces. Who has that operation command? The US forces in Korea (USFK). Why? Because the US wanted it and South Korea believed it was better that way, until recently.

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