Farewell to the Colonial Mindset; Reclaim Our Own City: Jan 21 People's Landing on the Queen's Pier

2007-01-23 - oiwan

Last Sunday, we had around 100 people got into the boat and performing the ritual of landing at Queen's pier, this time by local people themselves, including of migrant workers, residents affected by urban renewal project, environmental group, professional architects, planners, teachers, activists, artists, grassroots democractic groups, youths, students, labour unions, writers, right of abode coalition, legislators, lawyers, etc.

The action was spontaneously organized by an ac hol citizen concern groups called "local-action".

Demolition of Star Ferry and Queen's Pier: erasing colonial history in Hong Kong

2006-12-15 - oiwan

The protest against the demolition of Star Ferry has been going on for four days. After the violent crack down by the police, protesters are now launching hunger strike.

In December 14, at the eve of the Ferry's 49 years anniversary, the demonstrators organized a peaceful candle night. When they moved to the front gate of the construction site, the police surrounded dozen of them with iron bar and arrested 11 of them under minor charges within the Police force ordinance, such as "obstructing public officers".

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