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Free Ai Weiwei - Hong Kong Remix

The music video shows the "Free Ai Weiwei" protest in Hong Kong organized by an activist group called "Artist Citizen" in May 2011. Ai Weiwei, a prominent artist-activist involved in the investigation of bean dregs construction of school buildings which killed thousands of children during the Sichuan Earthquake in China in 2008, was detained by the Chinese government for over two months from April to July 2011 under the pretext of the crackdown of Jasmine protest.

I see you in me – Guangzhou- Hong Kong Support Cantonese Action

2010-08-03 - michelle

On 25th of July, a “Support Cantonese Crowd Action” has taken place in in Guangzhou Jiangnanxi subway. Although it was officially classified as “unlawful assembly” and "Ying Ye", the 18-year-old founder, was brought to “drink tea” (by the Mainland police) twice, it did not prevent the Guangzhou people from supporting Cantonese. There were more than 2000 participants joined that action.

Born!—MediAct International Fundraiser Launch

2010-05-10 - chong

Hi everyone!!!

As some of you might already know via facebook,MediAct is having a re-opening ceremony in a new space in Sangam-dong at 6:30 pm, May 14, launching MediAct 3.0 with a community of sustainers. IndieSpace is also resuming its activity with an online project in May.

However this does not mean that MediAct and IndieSpace's struggle against KOFIC is over. MediAct filed a lawsuit with IndieForum (two timelines of activities are available on the Act Now to Save Mediact Facebook site).While that legal battle continues, they are trying to start alternative space and activities.

KOFIC response to global petition

2010-02-04 - chong

After global petition to the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), it released a public letter to explain the fact and situation. It explained that it conducted a public tender to find a managing team for the Media Center in 2009, instead of appointing MediACT as the operator. However, considering MediACT's 7 years of experience and 300-pages planning document, some critics still questioned the fairness of the procedure. The formal response from MediACT is yet to be seen. But some independent people already raise some issues and questions. For example, why is a new management team able to oust MediACT who had been running the center for 7 years.

The public letter by KOFIC is shown as below:

What is that Star?

What is that Star?

Publish at Scribd or explore others: Arts & Architecture Research star ferry hong kong

This article is written for a book project called Coding Cultures back in 2007 (You can download the book here) . It is about the preservation campaign of Star Ferry pier and Queen's pier in Hong Kong and the role of media and art activists in delivering messages and engaging with the public. floating voices

This video was produced in 2007, the 3 year anniversary of It explains the concept of citizen reporter,'s role in Hong Kong and how it realizes the idea of media activism.

Taiwan: Yilan Citizen Save the Longest Local Festival

2007-09-17 - torrent

[The goodbye]

Never has a local festival survived for so long; and neither have the Yilan people so determined to retain the brainchild brought up with their own hands.

The Yilan International Children's Folklore & Folkgame Festival(YICFFF), after reaching 12—before it got mature enough to prosper--was officially terminated by the Yilan County Government, due to years of substantial losses in visitors and revenue.

In memory of Yang Dechang -- A prophet not welcome by his country

2007-07-16 - chong

Originally in Chinese by Liang Wendao (cultural critic in Hong Kong)

The day after Yang Dechang passed away, I browsed idly everything about him on internet. I found that most comments and reports from Taiwan unanimously talked about his marriage with Cai Qin. Some titles are provocative such as "Cai Qin: Why did you leave in such a hurry?" and "The marriage without sex between Yang and Cai". Some frankly said, "Yang is a dandy. Internet community equivocates". Even some big newspapers talked about his love affairs in their immediate reports. From them, you almost forget that he is the first Taiwanese artist winning the Award of "the Best Director" of the Cannes Film Festival. Instead, he is just portrayed as a playboy.

A Hotel in Peking University for "Teaching and Research"?

2007-04-27 - chong

The Peking University is building a five-star hotel. But the teachers and students accuse this project of occupying the university’s land for research and teaching and violating the land-use designation in the campus planning.

This hotel, named after “Weiming Lake”, the famous spot in the Peking University and located at the northern side of Baiyi Road and by the wall of campus, is still under construction. This is a project of the Peking University Science Park Limited (PUSP). It is scheduled to open in October.

Hong Kong: Copyright=Creativity?

2007-03-13 - oiwan

The Hong Kong Government has announced the consultation paper on “Copyright protection in the Digital Environment” in early January this year. Many has pointed out that the consultation is based on the interest of corporate copyright holders rather than individuals and consumers. Worse still, some suggestions within the consultation papers are threatening to freedom of speech and expression, and eventually the development of creative industry in Hong Kong.

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