Stop Merge! FSC Officer Received IBT Union Petition

2006-08-14 - torrent

在北商銀總部前抗議On Father's Day, trade union members of International Bank of Taipei(IBT)were demonstrating outside the IBT head office, the usual holiday atmosphere disappeared.

IBT betrayed its earlier promise and merged the company with SinoPac Holding.It would probably result in the layoff of workers.

A Hundred of IBT Union members requested the Financial Supervisory Commission(FSC), i.e.the national finance managment authority, to receive the trade union's petition.

This has been the first time that a FSC official appeared in the protest area to receive petition.

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we need more

By hoidick

we need more context
Submitted by oiwan on Tue, 2006-08-15 18:12.
i think we need more context for this story. for example, when does the phenomena of bank-merge start to happen? and the location of the struggle in the local worker union movement context. for me, just by reading this story, or even the chinese full version, i don't have a historical sense. i think most of the news report in the mainstream are ahistorical and apolitical (without political context), then an action like this becomes a fuss rather than a significant event.

a try
Submitted by cityghost on Tue, 2006-08-15 18:24.
good suggestion. we are trying to translate directly from, becuase we still have no idea what kind of article will be interested to the readers. the article u see here is just a qick sum from the first stage of the origin. what we'r waiting for is the reaction from readers. according to u'r question, i think we should change we way to 're-write'. but by what extent do we need to explain the context?

Submitted by oiwan on Thu, 2006-08-17 22:06.
maybe some background on why the bank has such decision? whether there are earlier cases? and what were the result of such cases? etc.


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