"State Secrets" about the Privileges

2006-11-16 - Absurdfool

In an effort to fight corruption at grassroots level in the countryside, a document has been jointly issued by the General Offices of the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council. It advocates clean governance in rural areas and aims to improve the codes of conduct for party members and officials at grassroots level. China Daily said that everything, except state secrets, must be open to party members and villagers as to promote transparency.

I've gone through the Chinese document and haven't found anywhere mentioning "state secrets". It probably is politically correct to makeup anything like that in the mainstream media, even it doesn't exist.

However, it's difficult for the general public to interpret what actually do "state secrets" mean, if it's really there on the document. It could be easily manipulated by those at the top to cover up anything they don't want to disclose.

I've come across some information lately, don't know whether they're classified as "state secrets" or not. As they're generally prossessed by the local academia, I hope not.

Latest research figures show that Chinese citizens with wealth (excluding potential assets owned in the overseas) valued over RMB 50 million yuan numbered at 27,310 persons as of end of this March. Among which, 3,220 persons have economic assets over RMB 100 million yuan.

The investigation was done jointly by research departments of the following institutions, namely State Council, Central Party School of CPC, Propaganda Department of CPC and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Those figures are from their investigation report on China's present socio-economic condition, with detailed information recording the economic income across different social groups.

Most astonishing of all is that among those with economic assets over RMB 100 million yuan, or the wealthiest group, 90% of them are princelings (2,932 persons). Investigations revealed that the assets they're possessing are being verified as either illegal returns via power trade with the help of their family background or income received through disguised buinesses.

In addition, I've also dug out some "state secrets" on the web (in Chinese). Believe it or not.

The fourth report of "On the Investigation Work in Shanghai" indicated that high-level government officials at various levels of Shanghai have opened a total of 1,322 bank accounts using anonymous or fake names, among which 53 (including 9 foreign currency accounts) belong to Chen Lianyu with an aggregated amount of RMB 274.1 million yuan. The total value of the 1,322 (including 355 foreign currency) bank accounts amounts to RMB 9864.3 million yuan, to be exact.

Comrade Lianyu has also 9 private apartments and houses for meeting with his 11 mistresses. 25 passports belong to himself, his family members and his attaches were also discovered, together with 9 open all-year-round Europen or Hongkong and Macau first or business class air tickets.

That's all "state secrets" for now.

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Chen Lianyu won't be state

By hoidick

Chen Lianyu won't be state secret
Submitted by oiwan on Fri, 2006-11-17 10:04.

the definition of state secret is sometimes, i suspect, aftermath definition. and it depends on the political effects of the data or fact.

maybe we can compare that with the internet censorship mechanism... there is nothing "by nature" senstive, but when they "sense" that it may have some negative effects, the censorship mechanism will be turned on. of course the management of internet censorship is much worse and likely to generate widespread resentment. sometimes, the censorship picks are really ridculous.
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censor and sensibility
Submitted by Absurdfool on Fri, 2006-11-17 16:59.

I know a couple of friends who are akin to those internet nannies. They call themselves "SheQuPianJing" or community policy, and work with such big names as tianya, sina etc. According to what they said, sensitive keywords they have to take care of develop in time. As a result, the number of keywords they have to attend to grows too. They screen and take away "outdated" keywords once in a while. This sort of exercise is subordinating to the system of GFW which they call as "YuanDong Zhan" or position battle, and theirs "guerilla warefare". It's because GFW can't just felter certain words/phrases out, without looking at the content. That's why the system need them. They said keywords relating to political issues account to no more than half. I once asked what they felt about their jobs. They said if they didnt do it somebody would. It's a job anyway.