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Bear Bile Industry – Chinese National Theft!

2012-03-21 - damon

Translated by Catherine

Here’s what our say for the bears:

1. Eliminating bear bile industry means eradication of Chinese national industry.
IT’S A LIE! Bear bile industry has only 30 years of history in China. It has no match compared with that of tea and silk. Conversely, bears are trapped lifetime in small rusty cages. They are ducted without anesthesia. China is notorious for the ways it treats animals; only by eradication of such brutal industry will the respect of the nation be retained. Bear bile industry is no more than theft. It’s a crime!

In support of peoples uprising at Africa and Middle East

2011-02-24 - damon

Call for Action

In support of peoples uprising at Africa and Middle East
Fight for freedom in solidarity against all tyranny

Encouraged by the successful Tunisian Revolution in the beginning of the year, peoples of Egypt,
Yemem, Libya and Bahrain rose up in Africa and Middle East and take to the street to show their
determination to fight against autocratic tyrants. While it is heartening that initial victory was won
by peoples of Egypt in ousting the autocratic ruler Mubarak on 11 February, it is also disheartening
that no less than 360 peoples lost their life to the then government's repression.

On Liu Xiaobo and the Nobel Peace Prize

2010-10-18 - damon

This is an open letter for petition, further information: http://wexiaobo.org/.

The awarding of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese citizen, has drawn strong reactions both inside and outside China. This is a major event in modern Chinese history. It offers the prospect of a significant new advance for Chinese society in its peaceful transition toward democracy and constitutional government. In a spirit of responsibility toward China’s history and the promise in its future, we the undersigned wish to make these points:

1.The decision of the Nobel Committee to award this year’s prize to Liu Xiaobo is in full conformity with the principles of the prize and the criteria for its bestowal. In today’s world, peace is closely connected with human rights. Deprivation and devastation of life happens not only on battlefields in wars between nations; it also happens within single nations when tyrannical governments employ violence and abuse law. The praise that we have seen from around the world for the decision to award this year’s prize to a representative of China’s human rights movement shows what a wise and timely decision it was.

Hong Kong: CUHK's prohibition of displaying Statue of the Goddess of Democracy in campus

2010-06-03 - damon

Goddess of Democracy

The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality
----- Petition against the Chinese University of Hong Kong's prohibition of displaying Statue of the Goddess of Democracy in campus

The CUHK issued a public letter to announce that the student union’s application to display a statue of the Goddess of Democracy and related items in the CUHK campus was rejected, by the reason of “political neutrality”. We are enraged!

Hong Kong In-Media: Submission to Council on public broadcasting

2010-05-18 - damon


Hong Kong In-Media: Submission to Legislative Council Subcommittee Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting


Hong Kong In-Media strongly believes that Public Broadcasting should be independent to ensure the freedom of speech and expression in Hong Kong. The recommendations put forward by Government in the "Future operation of the Radio Television of Hong Kong (RTHK) and new RTHK Charter" has ignored the fundamental suggestion put forward by the "Committee on Review of Public Service Broadcasting" that a "truly independent public broadcaster should be developed" in Hong Kong. We therefore express our our disappointment and regret towards such misleading consultation.

Hong Kong: A debate over Internet governance

2010-02-24 - damon

There are several online communities active in political and social mobilization in Hong Kong. One of them is Hong Kong Golden forum, its members are very critical of the Government and active in coordinating protests and demonstrations. However, recently, the CEO of the forum, Joe Lam (林祖舜)openly supported more legislation on cyber bullying.

China: Twitter revolution

2010-02-11 - damon

What could we learn from Google's withdrawal in China? Evan Williams, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, had an idea. "We are partially blocked in China and other places and we were in Iran as well," he said at the World Economic Forum in Davos. "The most productive way to fight that is not by trying to engage China and other governments whose very being is against what we are about." Moreover, Williams mentioned that Twitter is now developing technology to prevent government censorship. In fact, Twitter runs across multiple mediums including the Internet and mobile devices, as well as modify the Hosts file, use Tweeter tool to set up their own Twitter API and use Dabr and other third-party sites and softwares, secure their advantage over a singular website to avoid government censorship.

China: Message behind the Google flowers

2010-02-01 - damon

Google's official announcement regarding its new approach to China has been escalated to the diplomatic exchange between Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chinese officials, who denied any role in the attacks.

Although the decision may be business in nature, Google's market share in China is not big while there are more and more political risks in keeping their business in China. The 10 years sentence of mainland Chinese journalist Shi Tao is the most well known case in which Yahoo! (Hong Kong) provided the Chinese government with Shi's email information as evidence for the prosecution.

China: The debut of mobile SMS censorship

2010-01-25 - damon

The campaign against the proliferation of pornography on mobile devices as outlined by the MIIT official document has entered the second stage in early 2010. According toXinhuanet's report in mid Jan, Mobile China Shanghai branch will start suspending a mobile phone's SMS function if they find the number distribute “vulgar”, “pornographic” and other illegal content. Mobile China Beijing also claimed that they would suspend a mobile phone's SMS function if they find a mobile number distributing "vulgar" and illegal content in a massive scale. Apart from Mobile China, the second largest telecom China Unicom also set up similar filter system.

The monitoring of mobile SMS has not only invaded citizen' private life but also set up an infrastructure to crack down social mobilization via mobile phone. In the past few years, mobile phone SMS has played a significant role in a number of mass incidents, such as the Xiamen anti-PX demonstration in 2007, the anti-maglev train strolls in Shanghai in 2009 and the recent protest against the Trash-to-energy incineration plant in Panyu.

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