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From FoxConn's one yuan to Ching Cheong's five years: about politics of reality

2006-09-02 - oiwan

Today i came across Ten Years Logging's comments on FoxConn, he said "I don't want to see the FoxConn case end up being 'appropriate for the China Context'". What he meant was a happy reconciliation for everyone: the reporters admit that they are not substantial enough in their fact finding, but the report is not libel; FoxConn claims that it is willing to improve working condition and monitor is welcomed. The original press freedom and media monitor issues will be desolved, but the workers are still silent.

Please join us for interlocals dialogue!

2006-08-31 - oiwan

We hope that you will come to www.interlocals.net

We really need your participation to create a cross-regional dialogue.

This project began with a flash of inspiration in May 2005, when Japanese blogger Joi Ito wrote down his thoughts about the cacophony that was the anti-Japanese demonstrations in China. On that day, the first reaction of one of us was to translate Joi Ito’s words into Chinese and that in turn led to many thoughts and comments on Chinese-language blogs, forums and other alternative media.

First Financial Daily condemns Foxconn

2006-08-28 - oiwan

In response to Foxconn's legal prosecution against a reporter and an editor in the First Financial daily because of their reports on the working condition of i-pod subcontracting factory in Shenzhen, First Financial Daily issued an open letter condemning Foxconn.

In the public statement, the First Financial Daily stated:

1. they would support Wang You and Weng Bao in the trial as Wang You was just fulfilling his duty as reporter.

Barefoot lawyer Chen guangcheng sentenced for 4 years

2006-08-25 - oiwan

Chen Guangcheng lost his sight when he was very young, but he has been searching for lights all these years against darkness. He is a peasant living in Shangdong province, Dongshegu village.

Even though he is blind, he studied very hard to become a barefoot lawyer and has been giving legal advice to disable people since 1996. In 2005, he revealed the illegal forced abortion practice in Linyi County to Time magazine and the National Family Planning and Population Commission was forced to launch an investigation in August 2005. A month later, several Linyi officials were detained.

Ipod subcontractor FoxConn sues reporter and editor for libel

In June 13 this year, Macworld quoted from Mail on Sunday’s report, said that Foxconn, which is owned by Taiwan capital Honghai, was exploiting workers in their Shenzhen factory. The report was picked up by BBC and other news agencies. The Shanghai based First Financial Daily published two reports on the working conditions of Foxconn factories in Jun 15 and 22, the first article said that workers were forced to stand 12 hours long, the second one pointed out that the company’s basic salary was very low, while bonus was big.

Anti-Japan sentiment

2006-08-20 - oiwan

Last week i received a QQ group message: "From now on, we have to name our toilets: Yasukuni Shrine and our pisses: Koizumi (small streams). You have to forward this message to three group e-mails or group chats, or you have ill-lucks all your life."

The mystery of China GDP

2006-08-16 - oiwan

The figure of GDP is rather arbitrary in China. Besides, there is much talks about hard landing and soft landing in economic development. And thus, the issue becomes more political.

Below is a partial translation of a blog post in bullog. The post is originally published in a column in Southern Metro Weekly (南都周刊).

Land statistics and rural uprisings in China

2006-08-11 - oiwan

P8010141Yesterday I came across some striking statistics concerning China from a blogger, kai:

"According to the official figure, the total area of land that our government has approved (for developmental projects) annually was 1600 square kilometers, equal to 240 mu. The price of the land various from 4-5 millions yuan in Beijing and Zhejiang area to 0.1-0.2 millions yuan in northwestern region. When we average-off the land price, our governments (from different levels) earned up to 2,000 billions of yuan annually by giving land out! The amount is equal to 50% of our nation's total annual tax income, and 10% of our GDP."

Filipino domestic helpers: We are not milking cows

2006-08-07 - oiwan

(Notes: I got the press release from UNIFIL. Sometimes I feel sorry that with so many Filipino domestic helpers in Hong Kong, we know so little about their lives...)

Filipino domestic helpers today warned the Philippine government that it will face “massive resistance” if the recent proposal of the Social Security System (SSS) to make Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) contribution to the said agency mandatory is implemented.

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