December 2010

China: Light, compassion and peace - On 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winnner Liu Xiaobo

2010-12-02 - florence

Editor note: This article is originally written by Leung Mantao, a cultural critic based in Hong Kong, in Chinese. It is a response toward the Chinese state media' propaganda campaign against the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to Liu Xiaobo, a political dissident who is still in the Chinese prison.


What they said is right, the Nobel Peace Prize is really no big deal! Why letting a bunch of Nordic Europeans to decide who the world’s academic heroes are? Or who makes the greatest contributions to peace? This doesn’t really make a lot of sense! They are right, any award has in itself some sorts of bias. That is why Jean-Pail Sartre refused to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1964. His reason was, "A writer must refuse to allow himself to be transformed into an western institution, even if the prize itself does not mean to be one." (Sartre also declared reluctance to accept the "Lenin Prize"). Therefore, I do not wish to argue here whether Mr. Liu Xiaobo deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, or what is the meaning of him taking or not taking the award. I do not even concern whether the decision to award him is in the end a “blasphemy” called by the spokesman for China's foreign ministry.

China: The World of Guarantee

2010-12-14 - LEE Chi-Leung

Editor note: This is an excerpt translation of an investigative report in CBN Weekly on the monitoring of online service providers through the Guarantee system. The article tells the story behind the suspension of DNS of Wangju ( and Shiguang ( websites as a result of their failure in complying to the requirement of web-censors. The article was removed from CBN Weekly's website soon after it was published. You can find the full the Chinese version here.