June 2009

Shall we protest?_Chotbul Documentary


"Shall we protest? _ Chotbul Documentary" is an independent documentary about the digitally networked protest in 2008, S.Korea. Chotbul literally means the candlelight but a metonym for the candlelight vigil protest in this context. Chotbul as a daily protest lasted at least 4 months from May 2nd till August, 2008 and it still continues and evolves in a number of diverse ways. This documentary shows how the Chotbul protest firstly against the mad cow disease concern out of U.S. beef import negotiation and Lee government has been organized by netizens through the internet for the first days of protests, 2nd and 3rd of May, 2008. Like Chotbul participants’ self-organizing and sharing culture for creatively networked protests and grassroot tactical media, this documentary should be also shared as an open content for free copying, distributing and remixing.