February 2007

Japan: Support homeless against forced eviction by Osaka city government

2007-02-02 - oiwan

(caption: homeless tent in Osaka's public park by Elijah under CC)

The Osaka city government plans to evict squatters at Nagai Park (Feb 5) to prepare for the 2007 IAAF World Championships in Athletics. Earlier in Jan, the authories issued an order stating that if homeless did not leave by Jan 21 they would be forced to remove their tents.


2007-02-03 - ikusei

(Not a direct translation)


你好。你們還記得05年12月反世貿被捕和檢控的日本人,中桐康介(Nakagiri Kosuke)嗎?

他06年初得到香港和全球爭取正義的朋友們的聲援並釋放回國以後,繼續住在公園(長居公園Nagai Park)聲援露宿者,參與各種爭取全球正義的活動。


Closure of Disney's factory in China

2007-02-05 - chong


Huangxing Light Manufacturing is an OEM factory supplying souvenirs for The Walt Disney Company in Longgang area, Shenzhen, China. Last year it was criticized by concern groups as a sweatshop. Yet Disney company did not work on improving its labour condition. Instead it cancelled all orders placed on Huangxing. What it did is to evade its social responsibility, force the factory to close down and leave workers' jobless!

According to international practice, if an OEM factory is found having environmental and labour problems, company usually would continue to place order and give a one-year grace period. But Disney does not follow it this time.


2007-02-05 - chong





Disney Cutting & Running

DISNEY Refuses Responsibility for 800 Laid-Off Chinese Workers Students and labor groups protested outside the DISNEY Hong Kong office


Shenzhen-based Huang Xing Factory used to receive up to 80% of its orders from DISNEY and manufactured branded merchandise such as Mickey key chains and purses. It however had lost a substantial amount of the orders from DISNEY soon after SACOM drew the attention of mass media to sweatshop labor at Huang Xing in September 2006.

Japan: Racist comic magazine: foreigner crime case

2007-02-08 - oiwan

Gaijin Hanzai Ura File (Foreigner crime underground file)is an comic magazine full of distorted information and imagines about foreigners. And it promotes fear against foreigners (mainly Chinese and Korean) by reciting "everyone will become a target of ‘gaijin crime’ in 2007".

公開聆訊 徹底調查 捍衛學術自由

2007-02-12 - chong




Networking for East Asian Union

2007-02-13 - oiwan

Last week(Feb 8, 2007), Kim Youngkon and Kim Donghae (husband and wife couple), visited Hong Kong to network with local worker organizations for consolidating East Asian workers solidarity.

I had not prepared for the chat as I had not heard of Mr and Mrs Kim's visit before and I had little background about their trip. After learning their critique of labour movement and their proposal for East Asia labour Union, I decided to develop the informal chat into this interview.

Kim Youngkon is now a lecturer in University. In 1972, he left his study and became an air conditioner worker (underground labour activist) until 1987, when the military government had given way to civil government. Since then, he worked in labour organization as activist for 10 years.

V-day and Ai Xiao-ming's the Vagina monologue

2007-02-14 - oiwan

The whole world is celebrating Valentine's Day, news like million dollars chocolate diamond hit the most popular international news, and the blogosphere is resonating the Love packaging consumption day.

Not many are aware that today is also the V-day, V stands for Victory, Valentine and Vagina.