November 2006

Germany and China dialogue over social harmony with capitalism

2006-11-01 - oiwan

A group of German Union activists (about 15 persons) finished a two weeks visit in China (14-28 October 2006). They had participated in two workshops: "Experiences of 'social partnership' in industrial relations in German and Chinese factories in a capitalist mode of production" in Beijing and "Helping workers of factories - what can NGOs do from outside?" in Hong Kong (originally designed in Shenzhen, but later moved to Hong Kong).

The notion of "social partnership" in the German context was put in parallel with the concept of "harmonious society" in the China context. The participants from German trade unions are mostly from the left and hold critical viewpoints towards neo-liberal globalization.

"The ghosts of Arroyo's crimes against the people shall haunt her forever"

2006-11-02 - oiwan

Human rights and peace activitists from the HK Campaign for the Advancement of Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines (HKCAHRPP) held a picket protest against Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her murder crimes at Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong today (Nov 2, 2006).

"Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo can never hide from the ghosts of the murders and injustices committed to victims of human rights violations. The Filipino people and human rights advocates the world over shall make sure of this." Eman Villanueva, the convenor of HKCAHRPP said.

What is happening in Mexico

2006-11-07 - ahchoii

By Luis Lopezllera M.

Dear friends, this is a letter motivated by our traditional day of the dead, November 2nd, today remembered in kind by a struggle between our people and bloody weapons of the so called 'law', 'order' and 'institutions'. Latin America is trying to recover dignity facing the globalization challenges. And Mexico is now experiencing convulsive moments that remind us those years we had almost one hundred years ago that led our people to produce a historic Revolution. Now we should talk better about the need of a Mutation in order to overcome our geographical fate having the U.S. Inc., not its people, as a rapacious neighbor.

Peasants Account to 84% of China's Suicidal Cases

2006-11-09 - Absurdfool

While the party elite are launching their poverty alleviation program to curb China's worsening income disparity situation and to build a harmonious society, in about every two minutes there will have one person choose to end up his misery by committing suicide.

Among these 290,000 odd suicidal victims, 84% of them are peasants and 35% are illiterate. Pesticide is the medium they use most (58%) to end up their lives.

Min-jian . woman . reporter

2006-11-13 - oiwan

I have been wishing to organize a team of woman citizen reporters since 2004, when I started to promote "citizen reporter" (民間記者) in However, because of lack of resources, the idea hasn't been carried out. Hence, when Chan Shun Hing told me that "Association for the advancement of Feminism" (AAF) wanted to organize citizen reporter workshop, I were very excited.

"Citizen - reporters" torn apart by "women"

AAF called the project "Minjian nu ji-zhe" (citizen woman reporter). I felt strange about the sequence of the words: how come the word "woman" stands between Minjian and reporter? I did not bring it up to discuss with the organizer, however, such slight difference makes my heart restless - as if the words were in a chemistry experiment, when different elements mixed together, bubbles kept popping up before the reaction was finished - and i couldn't wait to see the outcome.

Warning strike Wednesday

2006-11-16 - jamied

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) held a warning strike yesterday in protest of several pressing labour issues including: the negotiation of the Korea US Free Trade Agreement, the signing of a tripartite agreement without consent or participation of the KCTU, the expanse of irregular work and oppression against their organizations and the sorry state of workers accident insurance and workers compensation.

"State Secrets" about the Privileges

2006-11-16 - Absurdfool

In an effort to fight corruption at grassroots level in the countryside, a document has been jointly issued by the General Offices of the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council. It advocates clean governance in rural areas and aims to improve the codes of conduct for party members and officials at grassroots level. China Daily said that everything, except state secrets, must be open to party members and villagers as to promote transparency.

I've gone through the Chinese document and haven't found anywhere mentioning "state secrets". It probably is politically correct to makeup anything like that in the mainstream media, even it doesn't exist.


2006-11-19 - ahchoii

原文:jamie d.


《韓國先驅報》 報導有五萬七千工人參加了這個四小時的罷工行動,但韓國工會聯盟表示罷工人數比報章報導的多很多。此外,下午有數千人在國會前集會。他們之後遊行到執政黨開放國民黨的總部,並在那裡舉行燭光晚會。

Malaysia: Fight to Defend Urban Pioneers' Homes - 23 Activists Arrested, Houses Demolished

2006-11-21 - juliusschrodinger

Note- the local authorities have confiscated and deleted the photos taken

Ampang, 20 November 2006

After almost 8 hours of defending 62 houses in Kampung Berembang, finally the police and local authorities crushed the resistance resulting in 23 arrests including arrest of PSM and JERIT leaders, houses being demolished and burned down and one women in a very critical condition, fighting for her life in the hospital.

Maoist, SPA & Nepal Government Reached Comprehensive Peace Agreement

2006-11-22 - LEE Chi-Leung

To the surprise of many?

The decade-long civil war, or what the CPN (Maoist) section and its radical affiliates regarded as "People's War," has formally called an end last evening (21/11/2006; Nepalese Calendar: Mangsir 06, 2063) with leaders of CPN (Maoist), the Seven Party Alliance and Nepal Government signing the historical Comprehensive Peace Agreement.